COSRX Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream Review

It’s been a while since a COSRX review

I’m almost bored with myself for consistently choosing COSRX products now. But when you’ve had zero dud products from a company, you do naturally gravitate towards them when you need something new. This time, I needed a new moisturiser.

Late last year my skin was dry and pretty ravaged from the nasty acne I was suffering from. My previous moisturisers while full of lovely snail goodness weren’t doing much for the hydration levels of my skin. I was also dying to introduce actives so I started seeking out a nice super hydrating moisturiser.

Enter COSRX and hyaluronic acid – which I’d already heard of years ago as being super hydrating. 

First things first, this pot is pretty huge. 100ml for less than £12 from my most trusted Ebay seller. If it was as thick as I was hoping it would take me forever to use up. 

The pot comes with a spatula which I discarded. I just can’t used to using them!

As with all COSRX products, everything is really well made and packaged and you always feel like you’re receiving quality. Inside the pot, the cream looks nice and thick and doesn’t have a noticeable scent. 


This has been just the thing my skin has needed. I’ve been using it twice a day – morning and night as my last step. During the horrible outbreak times, it kept my skin calm and moisturised. During the introduction of actives I found no dry patches or anything that would make me stop using them. Now my skin is settled and in decent shape (touch wood) this will soon become a little too much for my skin. Sometimes I notice on an evening after application that it can feel like it’s sat on my skin and feeling a little greasy.

This hasn’t been from using too much either. You need a very small amount to do your face meaning I’ve only used around a quarter of a tub in the 2-3 months I’ve had this.

I’ll probably carry on using this until the weather starts to change and get a little warmer and then I’ll switch to something lighter. In the summer months, especially as I have oily skin I need very little help with moisture. While I probably won’t keep this to use for next Winter, as I worry about how long it’ll last open (the tub says 12 months once open) I’ll keep it in my stash for another few months. If I do have any future outbreaks or go too far with the actives, this will be perfect.

In the meantime I’d love some light moisturiser suggestions, please let me know yours in the comments!

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