Kaweco Sport Review

It had been a while since I added a new fountain pen to my collection.

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I therefore had to rectify that! I wanted a smaller pen that would easier to carry around in the Hobonichi Ane Pouch with my Weeks.

After some research I decided to pick up the Kaweco Sport.

Given my experiences with the Kaweco Perkeo and how thick I thought that fine nib was, I opted for an extra fine nib*. 

As there was a promotion on for free ink cartridges, I decided not to pick up a converter for a change.

As it was a grey pen, I went with grey cartridges.

Despite its small size, you can put the lid on the end of this so it’s a full size pen to write with.

I found this really comfortable to write with. Despite the smoothness of the the pen, it doesn’t slip around in my fingers. The barrel stays tight to the pen and doesn’t come loose while I write (unlike the Lamy Safari which basically comes apart while I write).

The extra fine nib is nice, and not scratchy (again, unlike the Lamy Safari EF nib). 

This is the ideal nib size for use in my Weeks, so I’m glad I went with it. I’d heard stories of Kaweco nibs not being consistent so I was worried about what I was going to end up with.

For comparison, here it is side by side with the Perkeo fine nib. 

I enjoy writing with this.

Although my writing is definitely neater with the F nibbed Perkeo.

My only disappointment with this pen is the ink. The grey is far too washed out so I find myself reaching for this less and less.

So while I really like this pen, I will be picking up a converter for this soon!