Hobonichi 2020 Order (Part One)

My Hobonichi order arrived!

After I wrote my post on choosing my 2020 line up I was all set. On the 1st September I logged on to place to my place order.

I had created an Excel spreadsheet with links to all the products I wanted. I calculated the total cost and shipping based on the weights for each product given on the website. The idea was to make the process as smooth as possible on launch day. So, I loaded up my cart, got to the final checkout page and then got a shock.

The shipping costs were WAY more than I’d estimated.

This was a common issue that a lot of people encountered on launch day. It turns out that for years Hobonichi had been underestimating the weight of the boxes they’ve been sending our orders in, and this year is the first year we’re actually paying the correct cost. That, coupled with this year’s free item (alongside the pen) being particularly heavy as it’s a stack of cards meant that everyone had pretty much underestimated their shipping costs.

I was primarily ordering books with just a few extras, so I took a look at Amazon Japan. For the books I wanted it worked out a lot cheaper to purchase through them. Shipping was cheaper and you pay the customs charges up front meaning you don’t get stung with an extra handling charge when it arrives in the country. Shipping is also super quick. I received my order long before a lot of other people who ordered from Hobonichi on release day.

This is my book line up for 2020!

I pretty much stuck with what I had decided in my line up post, with just one real change.

Desk planner – Cousin

As I mentioned in the last post, I was drawn to the Day Free Hobonichi for 2020 as I don’t always use the daily pages in the Cousin I use currently. However, I’ve recently been bullet journaling in my daily pages and really enjoying it. Between that and the fact that the Day Free isn’t released until November I decided to stick to using the Cousin.

Work planner – Weeks

I’ve been using a Weeks as a work planner this year and have been loving it. I finally have work planner peace so won’t be changing this up anytime soon. The Weeks also fits perfectly in my Delfonics Small Pouch which is my work pencil case (set up post coming soon!)

You’ll notice that there are two Weeks in my little haul. That is because like last year, I couldn’t choose, so I picked up both.

At this point I don’t know whether I’m going to use the second Weeks for something else (maybe do a health and fitness planner again?) or use it for a giveaway as I’m nearly at 3k Instagram followers.

EDC – A6 Original Avec

This is the area I changed my mind on after writing my 2020 planning post. I realised that I don’t need the weekly pages and I don’t miss them when I don’t set them up. Really I just need the monthlies to make sure I don’t double book anything when I’m out of the house and note pages for budget planning etc. I therefore decided to change it up and go for the A6 instead. I realised the A6 will fit in the Ane Pouch that I use as a purse so as long as went for the Avec I wouldn’t have any issues carrying it around.

The added benefit to this means I can finally add some A6 sized monthly kits to the shop!

So that was part one of my Hobonichi 2020 order.

Part two hasn’t been placed yet. I’ve decided that this year I’m probably going to finally get a cover for my Cousin. I’m still debating which to get but as they’re not available from Amazon Japan, I will have to order direct. That means I’ll probably take the opportunity to pick up the few other bits I wanted but didn’t necessarily need.

Watch this space for part two!