Cosmetips x Shaaanxo Box Review

I had never heard of this box before an ad for it popped up somewhere.

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The reason the ad caught my eye? The Natasha Denona Sunset palette*. I had come across this in the summer during a Manchester shopping trip and fallen in love. However, when I saw the price I knew I couldn’t take the plunge. As much as I loved the colours and had heard how great the formula was, I couldn’t justify over £100 on an eyeshadow palette. If I’d was someone who used eyeshadow every day and experimented with different looks, I could probably justify it. But alas, I’m not. It’s a case of when I can be bothered and it’s usually one colour swept over the lids, with a maximum of two colours if I’m feeling brave.

The price of this box however, was the same price as the palette. And you got a whole heap of things with it, including a Tatcha moisturiser worth £55!

Valued at over £200 and packed full of products I wanted to try, this box was a no brainer for me.

Natasha Denona Sunset Palette

As mentioned, this was the main reason I purchased this box. Once it arrived, I was not disappointed.

The colours in here are fantastic, and will work with my colouring very well. I’m also excited to finally add a yellow eyeshadow to my collection. I’ve been looking at all the yellow palettes being released over the past few months, but never taken the plunge. Now I get to try this colour without purchasing a whole palette.

Everything I had heard about the quality formula of this product turned out to be true. It’s not the softest powder I’ve used, and doesn’t have lots of fallout. Because of this, it takes a little more work to apply. I couldn’t do a quick swipe of colour with this. Application though was great and it lasted all day with no issues with my usual primer underneath. It didn’t fold or fade throughout the day and looked just as vibrant at the end of the day.

Not that I think I’ll be needing any other eyeshadow palettes anytime soon, I’d definitely purchase another from ND.

Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream

I’ve got three moisturisers on the go at the moment so haven’t used this yet but I’m excited to try it. Tatcha is a brand that’s popped up a few times now and I’ve always heard good things. 

Reviews talk about skin looking instantly more glowy after application. At £55 this isn’t cheap and so much like the eyeshadow palette, it’s not necessarily something I could justify purchasing full price (at least without trying it first). I’m excited to work through some of my stash and try this in a few weeks. I’ll follow up with a full review soon!

GlamGlow Glowsetter Setting Spray

I hadn’t heard of this until it was mentioned in Make Me Up Missa’s 2019 favourites video. It’s over £25 which for a setting spray is pretty expensive. It’s basically the same price as my foundation! 

When I’ve finished my current setting spray (which is a fifth of the price of this one) I’ll give this a go. I’m sure I’ll like it, but I can’t imagine I’ll like it enough to repurchase at full price.

Danish Skin Care Perfect Skin Power Treat

I hadn’t heard of this brand before, but after doing a little research I wanted to try this product. It’s a liquid exfoliant that is supposed to help clear acne. As my skin isn’t in a great place at the moment, I was keen to try something new. 

I’m going to give this a few weeks before I review it. As with any kind of actives, I’ll be starting slow with this to allow me skin to get used to it.

This doesn’t look all that easy to get hold of in the UK, so I’m not sure how I’ll repurchase if I like it.

Face Halo

I hadn’t heard of this particular brand before, but I like using microfibres to remove make up. 

These are around £18 for a pack of three so not the cheapest. It’s also a bit smaller than I’d like. Instead of using this regularly, it’ll live in my travel bag for trips. It’s a lot softer than my usual microfibres so I’m hoping it’ll be gentler on my skin but I’m not sure how well it’ll remove make up in return.

Lilly Lashes False Eyelashes

I’ve never tried false eyelashes. I figured getting a set as part of this box was the perfect time to finally try them. 

Unfortunately, these don’t come with any glue? I’ll have to save trying these for when I’ve researched the best glue to use.

It’s easy to get drawn in to the total value of a subscription box and feel like you’re getting a great deal.

I prefer to think about the value to me instead. With this box, it was definitely worth the £115 value to me. There were four products that I was keen to try that I wouldn’t necessarily have purchased separately. I then also received a couple of extra products that I was happy to try and won’t go to waste.

I’m glad I came across this subscription box and will be keeping an eye out for the next box when it’s released.