Papergang January Review

Another month, another box of pretty stationery goodies!

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I already knew I was going to like this month’s box due to the spoiler image I’d seen.

This month is all about bright, colourful photography from Siobhan O’Dwyer.

One thing I noticed since re-subscribing is that Papergang no longer put the RRP prices of each of the products in the leaflet that comes with the box. I always think of boxes as to what they’re worth to me, rather than the retail values. But I know that for some, they like to know what the RRP value of a box is.

I’m on a month-to-month subscription, so I pay £14 a month*. Based on this month’s contents, it’s worth it to me.

  • A5 Linen Notebook
  • A6 notepad
  • A5 art print
  • Greeting card
  • Paperclips


This notebook is seriously beautiful. It’s fabric covered, with foil embossing on the front and back. On the inside and back pages it’s lined with a beautiful textured blue paper and the main pages are white and lined. The pages are a decent thickness and there’s a ribbon bookmark too. This is a really good quality notebook. I couldn’t tell you how many pages are in this but the book is 1.5cm in thickness, so it’s a good size.

I’d easily pay £10+ in most places, for this level of quality.


This is a really cute design.

It’s basically a mini desk planner as it has a place to mark what day of the week it is. The notepad is split in half with the top dedicated to do’s and the rest for notes. I much prefer this format of desk pad. I always need somewhere for random notes throughout my day.

Again, it’s a nice thick notepad with good quality paper.

I’d be looking to spend around £4-£5 on an A6 notepad like this so this box is essentially ‘worth it’ to me from just the first two products alone.

Art print

This is pretty and will likely end up in a planner as a dashboard. It’s a lovely design although a little thinner than what I’d expect an art print to be? The cardstock is definitely thinner than I’d expect.

It’s tough to attribute a value to an art print, but for something I was going to use as a dashboard in my planner I’d probably expect to pay £3-£4.

Greeting card

This is a lovely card and I love that Ohh Deer do plastic free packaging on their cards now.

It’s a beautiful floral design with embossed foiling. I wish I received more ‘Happy Birthday’ cards in my Ohh Deer boxes as it’s just the kind of card I need last minute!

I’d generally pay £3 for a non-handmade card like this from somewhere like Paperchase.


This pack of 20 paperclips is the only thing in the box I won’t use. I’m not a huge fan of gold and traditional paperclips don’t work too well in my Hobonichi planners. The paper is so thin that they leave indents on the pages which I hate.

However, they are a nice design and worth £3 I’d say?

I’m really happy with this month’s box.

This is easily worth the £14* I paid for it. This month’s designs are more my style than last month’s and I’ll enjoy using most of these. The A6 notepad is already a permanent fixture on my desk.

If you like stationery and love getting a little present in the mail each month, I can’t recommend the Ohh Deer box highly enough!