Latest Etsy Sticker Purchase – Sugarloop Review

It’s been at least five minutes since I placed an order with Sugarloop*, so I was overdue!

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If you’re not new around these parts, you’ll know I love Sugarloop. It’s one of my all time favourite shops for functional stickers. No matter what planner I’ve been in, I’ve probably been using Sugarloop stickers in it. This time I decided to place my largest order yet (and qualify for free delivery in the process). This order is a combination of stocking up on old favourites, and trying out some new stickers from Bernadette.

Old favourites

First up are my favourite plain banners*. I use these all the time. They are the perfect stickers for both writing titles on dailies and events in my weeklies. They come in a nice range of colours, matching most themes. I ordered two sheets as I go through these pretty quickly. Next is another often used sticker, this time in my Weeks. These ‘this week’ and ‘next week’ flags* are perfect for use on the right hand page for my pre-planning. These are a mixture of new and old. I’ve always used the little heart dots* in my planner. These are perfectly sized to fit in a 2×2 square in the Hobonichi Cousin.

The ones I purchased this time were a slightly new watercolour style and I’ve expanded out the shapes. They are perfect for to-do lists, or marking events (particularly in the monthly view of the Cousin). I also think these will look fantastic on the daily pages, for a lovely simple rainbow layout.

New stickers

Sticking with things that would be perfect for the daily pages, I picked up some checklists. If these* came in the same width as the columns on the Hobonichi Cousin, I’d have bought loads. As they don’t, I only purchased one sheet to try out. I’m still getting the hang on planning on my daily pages and don’t do it often, so I wanted to see how these worked before purchasing any more.

My final two sheets were a little different. I want to paint my nails more this year and so obviously need some stickers to mark the occasion*. I’m also forever coming up with ideas and not feeling like I have anywhere other than a post it note to write them. I’m hoping I can use the lightbulbs* to then capture them on my weekly or daily spread in a meaningful way.


It wouldn’t be a Sugarloop order without a nice selection of freebies. This order was no exception. Cloudy weather stickers are definitely what I run out of the most so these will come in very handy! I’m also looking forward to trying the monthly and daily stickers. I’m planning to set up a bullet journal for March as a trial and these will come in very handy. You may not be able to tell from the picture, but the top stickers are pound notes! I love the attention to detail on these and the fact they were sent to a UK customer!

I honestly cannot recommend this shop enough. I’ve lost count of how many orders I’ve placed now. I use Bernadette’s stickers almost every week without fail. The designs are beautiful and the quality of the stickers is always perfect. I’ve never received anything even slightly miscut. They stick really well in my planner and never peel up at the edges. The paper always works with all pens with no issue.

Have you ever placed an order with Sugarloop* before? Let me know in the comments!