Updated Delfonics Medium Pouch Set Up

I purchased a medium Delfonics pouch* on a whim last year.

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I had no specific use for it in mind. Setting it up proved to be tricky at first, and so I mainly ended up using it for travel. I longed to put this to regular use and when I rearranged my desk I found space for it to live. This has now been set up as a home for all my regularly used planning supplies. Today I’m sharing the full set up – it’s amazing how much stuff this pouch holds! This is how it looks sat on my desk. It sags forward thanks to how much I’ve got in the front. There’s so many pockets I don’t think I actually use them all.

Front pockets

I’m not one for pins but these front pockets are perfect for displaying the ones I’ve accumulated over the years. The first front pocket is perfect for sticky tabs. I use these a lot in my planners to mark pages (as I’m not a massive fan of paperclips). I love having these here as they’re easy to grab when I need them. There’s also a couple of sticky pockets in there. The rest of the pockets are mainly filled with my most used pens, and any refills I have. Pilot Coletos are some of my favourite ever pens so I have several in here. There’s also a couple of handy tools – the rubbing tool for my MU Print On Stickers*, and a stylus for my phone.

Back pockets

I find these pockets handy for storing smaller purses and card holders. I use my Ane Drawer Pouch as my purse normally, but when I’m using a small bag, I switch to one of these instead.

Main pocket

Inside, there’s even more pockets, but I tend not to use most of these. I just use one, for my Polariod Zip Printer*. I need to buy some more paper, so that will probably live in the pocket next to it. The bulk of the main pocket is where I store various other pouches. At the back I have two pouches from my shop – a larger one for storing Cousin stickers, and the smaller one for Weeks stickers. I then have some Hobonichi Folders*. One of these folders is storing receipts and product guarantees. The other stores various ephemera and notecards. In between the folders I also have larger art cards. Finally, I have my Livework pouch. This is the pouch I take away with me when I travel and it stores other regularly used pens, ruler, tweezers and mini scissors. Everything I need to plan on the go.

I’m glad I finally have this set up properly.

As much as I love Delfonics pouches, they’re really built for staying in one place. The front and back pockets aren’t very practical for carrying anything other than pens that have clips. This pouch is perfect for living on my desk and planning is a lot easier having everything to hand. I can also move it around the flat easily if I want to plan on the couch for a change.

Do you have any Delfonics pouches? I’m looking for inspiration for how to re-set up my small pouch.