Lockdown Empties Part One

If you caught my post a few weeks ago, you’ll know I’m making an effort to use up as many products as possible this lockdown.

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I’ve made some good progress so far. Finally getting round to using body moisturiser almost daily and masking a lot more often has hopefully meant my skin is in much better shape than it was pre-lockdown.

So many moisturisers!

I used up the four minis on the right pretty quickly. I think I only got four uses max out of each of them. The Lagon Cellus Deep Moisture Cream is so nice I’ve actually purchased the full size. The eye cream was given as a Christmas present. It came as a pack of two and this was the second one. It’s a nice cream, but I’ve moved onto a Retinol Eye Cream* as I felt I needed a bit more anti ageing power.

The two Hyggee items aren’t actually empty.

When I was writing the original post I noticed that Mask House were selling reduced, out of date versions of the range. This prompted me to check the expiry dates on the two above. Turned out, they had expired months ago! Given I hadn’t had these for very long, and it wasn’t highlighted that they were short dated, I was really unimpressed. I probably won’t shop there again. I’d been having some acne flare ups that stopped when I discontinued use of these. That solves the query I’d had as to whether out of date skincare is bad for your skin.

Finally, the Cosrx sun cream was one to use up. It’s nice enough, but causes hideous white caste. It won’t be repurchased. I’ll stick with my Lagom Sun Cream instead.

Sticking with the face and I’ve finally used the Pyunkang Yul Mist Toner up.

It’s nice enough, but the smell is off-putting. I can’t even describe what it smells like, but it’s not pleasant. Definitely not the kind of smell you want on your face. The Origins mask isn’t a pan but the first time I used it, it stung and I had to remove it after a few minutes. It’s rare that I react to skincare, so I’ll be avoiding using this ever again.

I’ve finally used up all my full size body moisturisers, and made a start on the minis. I have a box full of mini body lotions as I so rarely use it. That’s changed since lockdown and I’m hoping it’ll continue. If I can use everything up by continuing to moisturise regularly, I’ll reward myself with a tube of my favourite body cream – by Elemis.

I was actually quite excited to use up the Ordinary Retinol bottle. This is because when I knew when I finished it, I was going to move onto Tretinoin. I figured I’d built up enough usage of Retinol to move on to Tret. I signed up to Dermatica a few weeks ago and received my first tube last week. If you’d like me to post about my Tret usage, let me know in the comments.

The Niacinamide I had to stop using before finishing it. I had tried using it a couple of times and always felt like it was causing me to break out. After looking online it turns out a lot of people have the same reaction. So, rather than continue with something that clearly didn’t work with my skin, it went in the empties pile.

I’m really happy with how much progress I’ve made.

Another couple of months and I should reach a stage where I have zero back ups and only a handful of minis that I take travelling. Then I can focus on purchasing only products that actually work for me.