Lockdown Empties: Part Two

I wasn’t expecting to be making this post so soon, but I’ve been burning through the products lately.

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I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made over these past four months. I’m almost in a place where I have no excess products filling up my bathroom anymore. I’ve managed to slim down my miniatures and travel sizes to literally just one of each product now.

Having a quick look at my storage I now just have the following excess products:
– Three bottles of cleansing water (my mother always gives me the ones she doesn’t like)
– One bottle of cleanser
– One jar of serum/essence
– Two tubes of handcream
– Three deluxe sample sizes of body moisturiser
– One foot cream

The majority of this will be easily used up in the next month or so.


serums and actives

The Hylamide Vitamin C was my first purchase from this brand (along with another empty further down). I wasn’t a fan of this. It was far too greasy and didn’t soak into the skin at all. At 25% it was a good strength, and I saw some results with this. However, I’ve gone back to my Wishtrend Vitamin C as I much prefer the texture.

I used up two minis of the Elaa Story Toner. It’s a nice enough toner but not readily available in the UK, so won’t go out of my way to purchase the full size. Another mini is from Urang and their True Rose Repair Essence. This is a lovely essence and one I’ve used before. It’s definitely on my list of future repurchases.

Finally, my bottle of The Ordinary Buffet* was finally finished. This seemed to last over six months I think. I really liked this serum. It worked really well with the Vitamin C I use every morning and the texture is perfect. The serum I replaced it with causes my skincare to pill awfully. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this.

More skincare

toner and cleansers

This is the first of many cleansing waters that I have to go through. This Elemis Cleansing Water* is pricy, but I liked it. I think this 400ml size came from QVC (my mum tried it and didn’t like it) and it lasted a year. This isn’t something I’d purchase myself, as I’m not that fussy with my cleansing water and find the cheap Garnier stuff works just as well as any other.

This Sioris Cleanser is one of my new favourites. It’s soft, gentle, throughly cleanses and doesn’t break me out. When I work through my cleansing backlog, I’ll be purchasing some more of this.

Finally, the second Hylamide product. A toner. This is called Pore Flush and I quite liked it. It’s relatively cheap; is a nice refreshing spray and played nicely with my skin. I’m trying a more hydrating toner now, but I wouldn’t say no to another bottle of this.

Even more skincare!


I love the Lagom Sun Gel. This is my favourite facial SPF. No break outs, no white cast and a tube lasts two months. Another mini used up was from Real Barrier. This is a fantastic moisturiser, particularly for parched skin (which, given I’ve started tret, I really need it right now). Finally, The Ordinary Moisturiser*. This is cheap, but not nearly moisturising enough for my skin. It also sometimes causes my make up to pill on top of it.


haircare empties

Colab Dry Hair Shampoo is a good back up dry hair shampoo. Klorane is my favourite but it went out of stock for a while, so I had to purchase a can of this. I love this L’Occitane Conditioner but it’s too heavy for my hair sadly. I took the opportunity of lockdown to use this up while people weren’t going to see how greasy my hair looked on day two. Finally, my favourite heat protector spray from Garnier that now looks to be discontinued. This stuff was cheap and protected, keeping it soft and smooth. The Ultimate Blends range still exists so I’m not too sure why they got rid of this product?

Make up

revolution fixing spray

This was my first ever fixing spray and I really liked it. It kept my make up in place all day long. However, it left my face a little sticky after application and I would often find my hair sticking to my face while using this.

This will be last post about my lockdown project pan

I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made. Now I’m planning on picking another category of products that I have too much of to work through.

It’s clearly going to be stationery.