What are task cards?

Tasks cards seem to be everywhere at the moment.

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I didn’t really know what they were, but they seemed like something I needed in my planning life.

This is generally what happens when I see the latest planner trend.

Happily, it turned out that it was something I needed in my planning life.

different task cards laid out

People use these in different ways, but essentially they’re little reminder cards for tasks you need to regularly do. Some people apply them permanently to the card, as above. These act as reminders when planning. Others put sticky flags on so that they can be moved into the planning pages, rather than having to re-write them every week or month.

I use both kinds in my planning.

One with sticky flags, I use for meal planning. I usually have the same meals in rotation (I’m not an adventurous cook) so I use this to plan out my meals for the week. I lay these out on the different days, and write them in the planner once I’ve organised my week and written the shopping list.

This card then lives in my Hobonichi Weeks.

I keep another four in my Filofax Personal Malden.

task cards in Filofax Personal Malden

The four card pockets are perfect for these.

I have one for my daily tasks, two for weekly tasks (home and work) and a final one for monthly tasks.

all tasks cards

So how do I use these?

Daily tasks

This card is mainly used with my Hobonichi Weeks, as they’re mainly the things I track in my Weeks each day.

The top one, gratitude, is something I’ve tried a few times to incorporate into my planning. Either by writing what I’m most thankful for that day, or writing a highlight of the day. I’m hoping by putting it on here, it might actually stick for a change.

Weekly tasks

I have both of these laid out when I’m setting up my week in my Cousin each week.

I then ensure that I write all of these tasks into the weekly spread as I plan out the week.

Monthly tasks

Something new that I added into my last Malden set up, was some new monthly planning sheets from Crossbow Printables*.

filofax monthly planner

I use the monthly task card to set up my month using these sheets. The monthly plan is built up from five places:

  • The monthly task card
  • Inbox
  • Monthly calendar
  • Perpetual calendar
  • Project planning sheets

This sheet is then referred to each week when planning, moving things over as and when needed.

I have an awful memory and these task cards are perfect.

task cards on Malden

I like the concept so much, I actually added them to shop. You can now purchase these either on their own, with blank stickers, or even custom task stickers. In addition, I added adhesive pockets for storing these in your planner.

Do you use task cards in your planner?

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