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Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens Review

When I set up my Midori/bullet journal I set about finding some new pens for it. I’d used gel pens in my Midori in the past and didn’t really like them on the paper. Plus I wanted to try out some lettering to see if I could get good enough to incorporate it into my card making and I didn’t want to do that with gels. After reading around various blog posts it seems everyone loves these pens. I’d had some experience with Faber Castells before and liked writing with  ...

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Pens, pens, pens…

I bought many many things while I was in Bruges. One of the many things was lots of pens. There is a great entertainment store in the middle of Bruges called Fnac that had an awesome stationery section. Loads of cool pens and a wall of notebooks! I’ve got loads of notebooks so I concentrated on the pens and over the course of three (yes, three) trips I bought a few… While they weren’t the cheapest they were pretty decent prices. All of these (aside from the polka dot one  ...

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