What’s the one beauty product you hoard?

I had a realisation recently. There are certain products that I have so much of I’m beginning to wonder when I’ll actually use them all up.

When I first started working for Boots over six years ago I quickly built up ridiculous amounts of toiletries and skincare and spent a long time doing no spends to try and reduce the amount but there’s one item I still haven’t cleared through yet.beauty1This is just the full size body lotions that I could easily lay my hands on excluding my current one – Vaseline Spray and Go. Body lotion is one of those products that I never seem to get around to using yet seem to be unable to resist buying. In every beauty set I either buy myself or receive as a present I find a big tub of it too.beauty2I haven’t bought a new moisturiser in quite a few months now but given how many I seem to receive and love in subscription boxes it’s pretty difficult to avoid. It doesn’t help that most of of the lotions I have left are more style over substance…beauty3(I admit I bought the Orla Kiely with no intention of using it, it just matches the colour scheme in my bathroom.) Call me snobby but I’m also a little unsure about using these as I’m not convinced of their overall quality.

I’m currently making an attempt to use everything up with a New Years Resolution to use body lotion daily. Annoyingly, the Vaseline Spray and Go I’ve been using since the beginning of the year is still going strong – however I can highly recommend it, especially for someone like me who doesn’t want to waste time first thing on a morning.

So body lotion is my beauty weakness. What’s yours? Please tell me in the comments below! Also, if your collection is bigger than mine, please share the pic so I can feel better!

Em x