My first blogging event! #mkbloggersbrunch

This Saturday I was incredibly lucky to be able to go to my first ever blogging event.

A few weeks ago I realised I wasn’t a member of any local blogging groups on Facebook and happened upon a very new Milton Keynes based blogger group that was planning an event. I got to the group just in time to make it onto the event before it got full!

The event was taking place at the The Swan, Salford – a pub I’d been to once and loved but never managed to revisit. It’s a lovely pub just a few miles from home, with a beer garden that I remember is beautifully lit up on an evening. The Swan don’t normally do breakfast, but they had agreed to put on brunch for us in what I assume was the converted barn next to the main pub. IMG_8281Despite the fact they don’t normally do breakfast/brunch, they had a fab choice for us, and greeted us with fizz, juices and hot drinks. IMG_8274I went for the Eggs Benedict because it’s what I always order when I’m out for breakfast! IMG_8280Considering there was 15 of us and most of us had eggs I’m really impressed they managed to deliver such perfectly cooked poached eggs. Everything about this was tasty – from the thick homemade tasting bread, to the proper ham and seasoned hollandaise sauce. I was pretty much silent until I’d wolfed this down (I’m sure that’s rude but I wasn’t going to hang about eating this!)

You may have noticed in the earlier picture a paper bag in front of me… that was my goody bag! I was extremely excited to see what was inside…IMG_8277The bottle at the back is a delicious looking ready mixed cocktail from Muddle and Mash. You either drink this on it’s own as a delicious fruity low cal drink, or throw in some vodka, shake and a have naughty cocktail! As someone who loves cocktails but doesn’t want a kitchen full of ingredients this really appeals to me! I can see from their website they do a Pornstar Martini (my favourite cocktail) one so I may just have to pick up a bottle (I’ve found it on Tesco online, so here’s hoping they have it in store too).

I popped in a goody bag of treats from my shop because I couldn’t resist some spreading some stationery goodness around. I also received a voucher for Rush Hair, Bogota Coffee (which happens to be round the corner from my work and I’ve been dying to try their coffee!), Beauty Box (which will come in very handy for my holiday manicure) and the Swan so I’ll definitely be visiting again!

Finally I received a MK Food Revolution towel which made me sad as I missed their last event in July! Thankfully they have another one coming up in December, which I’m going to make sure I can attend.

The best part about the morning though was getting to meet some local bloggers. It was great to chat with and get to know fellow bloggers – I definitely don’t get out and socialise enough and things like this are perfect for getting me out of my comfort zone and around people. I picked up quite a few tips of where to go and eat in and around Milton Keynes too (and some great holiday destinations to add to my list!) It definitely also re-energised my blogging juices and have come away with loads of ideas and things I want to do on the blog! 13938603_10157351748530088_6659076505613157674_nI didn’t get chance to have a proper chat with everyone sadly but I’m really looking forward to the next event and to get to know even more people!

Em x