Bullet Journal Update: Collections

My last bullet journal update rambled on for a while so I thought I’d leave a walk through my collections for another time.

I pondered for a while about what collections to put in here. I didn’t want to fill up the notebook with lots of collections. While I still have my Filofaxes that I keep a lot of blogging, shop and finance info in I don’t need collections for those. I’ll be honest, I also wanted to keep my bujo neat and tidy!

What I did end up putting in the bullet journal was collections that didn’t really fit anywhere else.

Books to read

I feel like the books spread is a bujo staple now. I saw all those pretty bookcase spreads but I wanted something a little more functional. I’m really trying to up my reading so I wanted a clear list of books I wanted and a way to track when I’d bought, started and fully read each book. I’m really like this so far. I now have somewhere to note down a book when I read a review or hear about it.


As I’m on the slide towards 30 I’m also trying to eat better this year. I picked up a couple Body Coach books this year for a bit of food inspiration and love it! When I was going through and trying the recipes I wanted a way of tracking how much I liked them for future reference. I also wanted somewhere to capture any amendments I made to the recipe. This spread did fill up a little too much space so I’m trying to make future entries smaller.

Skincare Routine

This is a new spread, hence why it’s not full yet. I’ve started getting into Asian Beauty as my skin is not in good shape at the moment. The AB subreddit is brilliant (Reddit isn’t just full of memes and cat gifs). It’s full of so much great advice I spent hours  researching. One of the big things I learnt was to introduce new products slowly, so that if you have a reaction you can tell what it is. I wrote out this spread so I can keep track of what I introduce and when. I just need to add in somewhere to write about how my skin feels each week so I can keep an eye on progress.

Hopefully then as I switch out my Western products for AB alternatives I’ll be able to see what products or steps are working particularly well. I’m definitely going to be writing more on the blog about AB once everything I’ve ordered arrives (I may have gone a little mad!)

Social Media

I’ve been wanting to improve my social media posting for a while and recently have been neglecting Twitter and also the Etsy Update feature. I pulled this together to help me plan out what I’m posting each day, along with columns so I can track when the picture has been taken, put on my phone or computer and then scheduled (or posted). The washi I recently found on Ali Express and it’s perfect for this spread.

That’s it for my current collections, although I’m sure it’ll keep growing. The rest of my bujo pages are just monthly trackers and weeklies.

I’m still loving my no fuss habit tracker. It’s just so much nicer to look at than lots of crosses: 

I hope you’ve enjoyed a look through my bullet journal. If you like these kinds of posts or if there’s anything bujo you’d like me to write about let me know in the comments below!

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