NYX Dark Circle Corrector – The Weekend Review

I’ve banged on about my dark circles loads on this blog over the years.

While I wait for a new eye cream that’s currently on order from Korea I decided to pick up the NYX Dark Circle Corrector.

I’ve not had the greatest experience with NYX in the past and wasn’t that impressed with the brand. However, after reading the results that someone on Reddit had with this I just had to give it a try.

NYX Dark Circle Corrector

This seems different from the kind of NYX packaging I’ve come across in the past. There’s a lot of info and claims on each side of the box. It boasts about the coconut oil it contains which is moisturising and the China clay which apparently has light reflecting particles. It also tells you that the pigment is orange which should cancel out the blue of the dark circles. 
While it says orange pigment, you’d probably look at it and say it’s peach. Which is generally the colour of dark circle correctors.

The pot itself is small and sturdy feeling. You could quite happily throw this in your bag and not worry. When you open it for the first time there is a little seal over the product. I did have trouble peeling it off and ended up stabbing the product with my nail which made me giggle.

I can just about comfortably get my finger in the pot to get the product out.

In terms of consistency, it’s thick and pigmented whilst simultaneously being easy to work into the skin.

It’s very easy to tap this into the skin. It folds/settles a little bit but I’ve found that once you tap over it a couple of times it actually stays put all day.

The coverage is also fantastic. You could load some concealer over the top to go for full coverage but this on it’s own is enough generally. Whether I’m wearing tinted moisturiser or foundation, a couple of layers of this tapped in covers my circles nicely.

The big thing for me though is the lack of settling, or how easy it is to rectify. It means I can get to the end of the day at work and not look 90 years of age due to all the lines. The amount of times I’ve found great products to cover my circles, only for it to spend the day settling into my lines and make me wonder why I bothered.

NYX back in the good books?

Possibly! This has now opened me up to trying more from NYX. I was super impressed with this and now swear by it on a daily basis. If you struggle with dark circles, or even if you just want a good under eye concealer that doesn’t make you look old, then give this a try. At only £7 it also won’t break the bank and is actually cheaper than the concealer I was using on my under eyes before.