Filofax The Original Personal Fuchsia Sept 17 planner set up

I don’t tend to switch up my planner set up too often.

If you caught my post last month about planning your planner set up, you’ll know I recently rejigged my planners. I needed something to help me focus on the my Etsy shop and blog more. This ended up with me moving out of my old A5 Kikki K and setting up my Personal Fuchsia as my shop/blog planner.

I love a good planner set up (both to read and to write) so I couldn’t resist sharing my new set up with you.

The planner

This Filofax is the first Original I bought and started off my love of them. I own four altogether now. 

This is one of two patents I own and unfortunately it hasn’t fared as well as my Patent Nude. 

Those little speckles are where the patent coating is cracking. At least you can tell the planner is well loved!

Originals are sometimes disliked for not having lots of pockets. I tend not to use them too much so that isn’t a concern for me. What is important is a sturdy planner that also lays flat. You get that with an Original – particularly the personal size. The A5’s are a little floppier but still very nice to use (see my A5 set up here).

The set up

I’ve kept things simple and not overloaded it with too many clips and things. I’ve used a dashboard I made a while ago that has sticky notes stuck on using removable tape. They’re always handy to have and I use them a lot when blog planning.

There’s not much in the front pockets – a few clips, my favourite panda pen (it’s a black gel and writes beautifully) and some sticky notes.

These are some great page flags that are kept in the card holder to use instead of clips as they’re a bit thicker than normal ones.

These sticky notes are kept in the bigger pocket just as an extra stash.

In terms of dividers, I made these using my last Planner Society kit that I received before cancelling. 

If I could just subscribe to the papers I absolutely would as they’re such high quality in comparison to the other items in the box. They’re nice and thick papers, meaning you can use them for dividers without having to laminate. The stickers on the tabs are also from The Planner Society – sadly in a font they stopped using.

The sections

I’ve got just five in this planner. I prefer to have fewer sections that I then just use clips and tabs to divide up the sections a bit more.

Goals is pretty self explanatory – this is the section I use for my goal planning. 

Inside this section I’m using grid inserts from Crafty Ali Cat. These inserts are lovely. A gorgeous cream colour with a sharp grid on a high gsm paper. This paper is fab to write on with any pen.

Next up is the Etsy section. 

In here I have various notes – from colour schemes, to suppliers and a list of sticker ideas. I try to decorate the pages a little bit to brighten them up. 

I’ve also been using my new favourite alphabet stamps for page headings in this planner. 

Next is the blog section. 

The blog section I use more, so here I’ve used clips and washi on the edges of some pages so I can find ones I need quickly. 

In this section I have general blog notes, and all my post planning. This consists of post idea lists, planning pages and my editorial calendar. 

These pages I made for myself using my Silhouette. They’re great for planning bigger or more complicated posts and keeping track of when I’ve completed major tasks for them. 

This calendar I use to plan my posts. Before I’ve written them, the post name is written on a sticky note so I can move things around during the month. Once the post is written and scheduled it gets written in. I colour code each type of post to ensure that I’m varying my post subjects throughout the month.

The community section is all about social media. 

This is where I plan pictures to take, photos to post and also log my monthly stats. 

The final section I’ve called projects. This has more paper from Crafty Ali Cat, this time dot grid. There’s also other random pages stuffed in there like to do lists.

This is a general planning section really. Maybe if I’ve got a new product idea or something, it’ll start out in this section.

Back of the planner

I’m sure this part will fill up over time. 

For the time being though, it’s got some empty full size pockets and a business card holder where I keep a stash of my cards. At the top is the first ever business card I made for the shop which I’ve kept for sentimental reasons.

I always tend to keep the Filofax notebook at the back of the planner but never really use it.

Is the set up working?

Definitely. It’s so nice having a smaller planner now that I can keep on my desk with all my business stuff in it. It’s got everything I need and lots of extra space for further expansion. I’ve not filled it with lots of unnecessary decorative things but I’ve kept things pretty with washi and stickers. I love this set up and I’m loving using my Fuchsia again. It’s definitely my favourite planner!

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