Sugarloop Etsy Shop Review

I’m calling this a review, but it’s really a rave.

I first purchased from Sugarloop a long time ago. Sugarloop is actually probably one of the first shops I bought planner stickers from. I remember loving the stickers at the time and then I just never went back to the shop to take a look for more. Until a couple of weeks ago. I was browsing through my favourites, itching to buy myself something and came across Sugarloop again. Going through the pages of beautiful stickers I was kicking myself for not revisiting this shop sooner. I placed an order, keeping it under the customs threshold and paid just £2 for shipping all the way from New Zealand (bargain). LESS THAN A WEEK LATER my stickers were here!

Within a week the shop had made, picked and packed my order and got it to me on the other side of the world. Crazy. Anyway, it arrived and was packaged beautifully, with a handwritten note from owner. 

Inside this little envelope were my freebies – a bunch of sticker flakes.I like the idea of doing freebie stickers like this. It makes it much more random what you get and I like that as I feel like I’ve had a bigger taster of the other stickers this shop has. Each sticker sheet was less than £2.50 so I was able to get quite a haul and stay under the £15 customs threshold. 

The stickers

When it comes to functional these stickers come in such perfect shades they’re bound to go with any kits I have.The stickers themselves are printed on lovely sticker paper and the colours are super vibrant. Some of the stickers are available in different sizes (the trainers for instance are the ‘mini’ size).

I love the habit trackers as they’re so dinky you can use multiple in a week. I picked up these lovely blog header stickers but there’s a whole range I wanted to full my cart with, including to do and today.

My new favourite Etsy shop

I will definitely be purchasing more when I finish this month’s no spend. These hand drawn stickers are beautiful and I’ve only just scratched the surface of what’s available. There’s some simple and cute weekly kits for example that I’m dying to try. The stickers themselves are of a fantastic quality. The cuts are perfect, the colours are rich and the paper is high quality. I also still can’t get over how quick it was for these to reach me. If you want to try a new shop this month, I can’t recommend Sugarloop enough!

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