A perfect planner case

If you caught my Bordeaux shopping post, you’ll have seen the little case I picked up.

I’ve never really been one for planner cases as I tend not to travel around with them too much. Whenever I go away anywhere I tend to be too busy to pick up my planners. However, when I saw this cute little bag in a gift shop in Bordeaux I knew I had to have it. It looked far too delicate to be a toiletry bag, so a planner case is what it’s become!

This cute little bear bag is super soft and cuddly! For ages I just had it out on my desk so I could stroke it every so often. This is a good size – around 9 inches by 7 inches.

The case has two gold zips that go around three sides. Each zip has a bear charm hanging off it. It’s a lovely extra detail.

The handle itself has two pieces to it and has velcro on it. Not too sure why you’d need adjustable handles although to be honest I don’t use the handle at all. 

Inside the case

The case is lined with a beautiful silky bear fabric. 

This is another reason why this totally couldn’t be used for toiletries. I’d worry about getting marks on it.

As you can see, there’s a little mesh on the top of the case but that’s it for internal pockets.

In terms of space inside, there’s room to fit lots in.

Inside here I fit:
– Midori Travelers Notebook regular size
– Pocket Filofax Finsbury
– Polaroid Zip Printer
– Pencil case

The mesh side houses my extra printer paper.

I’m happy with everything I can fit in here. It’s the perfect size for a holiday or weekend away visiting family. There will still be times when I take my planner away and don’t use it, but at least this case keeps it all together in one place. Now I’ve been using a case I don’t think I could travel without one.

It’s a bit weighty when it’s full though, and I definitely don’t like using the handle. I’d worry about breaking it. You can find the case on the Craftholic website here.

Do you use a case like this when travelling? Drop me some links in the comments below!