Lottie London Shadow Swatch The Rusts – Urban Decay Naked Heat Dupe?

I feel like Lottie London is a bit of an unsung hero

It started with the fantastic make up brush cleanser, then moved onto the excellent brushes. Most recently, I picked up a palette. Whilst longing for the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette, I found a few potential dupes. Excited to try more from Lottie London, I picked up their rusty offering. For just £9.95 you get 12 wearable shades. When it comes to value, I was pretty impressed. The palette itself is super heavy, well made and comes with a dual ended brush. The brush is actually surprisingly good to work with. For quick work looks I’ve been using this, instead of pulling out my full brush collection. This also makes it super easy to travel with.

Ease of use?

This is probably one of the nicest palettes I’ve worked with. It’s easy to get rich colour onto the brush and then the eyelids, there’s very little fallout and the colours are easy to blend. The colours themselves are very flexible. The modest tones are perfect for simple work looks. I’ve been using the tiny shade and shadow brush to use some of the shades as a chunky eyeliner for just a pop of colour. I’ve then experimented with more elaborate looks. No matter how I wear these colours, they don’t fold or transfer. 

I’m super impressed with the quality of these shadows. I’m actually reaching for this more than my new UD Full Spectrum palette, which doesn’t seem as high quality as my other UD palettes.

Favourite shades

I’ve definitely been heading more towards the reds since owning this palette.The middle three are my favourites for an evening whereas the outer two I’ve been reaching for the daytime. The lightest shade on my arm is very similar to Chopper from the UD Naked 2 palette. The other simmer shade believe it or not is the purple/grey toned shade. It’s a shame this doesn’t come out as dark as it looks in the palette. This probably the only shade that doesn’t quite come out how it should.

Overall thoughts

I’m super impressed with this palette. I was hopeful I’d like the quality and thankfully I wasn’t let down. I definitely don’t need any more palettes in my life right now (I have way too many) but next time I need some new make up, I’ll be heading to the Lottie London section of Superdrug. If you have any recommendations, please let me know in the comments below.

In terms of a dupe for the Naked Heat palette, this has satisfied my need for a palette of Autumnal colours and reds. The only colour this palette is really missing? The beautiful plum from the UD palette – Ashes.

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