Papergang October Review

I’m still loving this subscription!

I almost forget about it each month and so when I get home to find it on my doormat, it’s like Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, this isn’t as festive as you might expect. While I do like the colour scheme, I’m in two minds as to whether I’m disappointed that it doesn’t reflect the season. As it’s the box that contains the December calendar card I would have liked something a little more wintery.

In terms of the contents this month upon opening I was a little underwhelmed. After the success of the previous two months, it felt a little light. It didn’t help that the first thing I saw was rose gold clips. I hate the whole rose gold thing but I know lots of people love it.

The goods

I was really worried I’d open this up to find a planner. While they call it a planner, you can definitely just use this as a notebook. It’s A6 size and while there’s no page count, this is thinner than the last notebook I got from Papergang.

So what makes this a planner? There’s a little flag at the top for the date. At the bottom, there’s space for appointments and to do’s. All of this is very subtle though and could even be covered with washi. The pages themselves are thick, lined and bright white. This will be perfect for my work bullet journal when my current one is completed.

The outer cover has a linen texture to it, just like previous notebooks received in my Papergang box. I love to have a texture to my notebooks as they’re much sturdier. I feel like I can throw them in my handbag without a worry about it getting damaged. To complete the notebook, there’s a string page marker which is always handy.I’ve mentioned the rose gold clips already. Colour aside, these actually feel quite thin and cheap. This isn’t typical of the usual quality you get within the box each month. I probably won’t use them, but they’ll come in handy for blog picture props.

The pencils on the other hand are lovely! I don’t need any more pencils but these look super pretty and I like having the black rubber on the end. Finally, I received two greetings cards this month. These are beautiful and simple cards, with a little foiling detail. As usual they’re high quality and have now gone happily in my card stash.

Overall thoughts this month?

It’s not my favourite month but there’s some useful goodies in here. The notebook in particular is handy for throwing in my handbag. My only concern with this box is the amount of greetings cards I’m now wracking up. I just don’t use that many, alongside the fact I make my own. I’m looking forward to next month though! If you’d like to sign up, my referral link is here.