New washi tape – from Kuldlelu on Etsy

I keep saying I don’t need any more washi tape.

And yet I keep buying it! Now that I’m using washi regularly again I can’t help but pick up some extra rolls when I see them. I was recently browsing Etsy one evening and suddenly came across some super cute washi tape. It was by a brand called Papier Platz which I’d never heard of it before. They had a range of cute drawn icon style designs, called ‘eric’.

I found an Etsy store in Europe called Kuldlelu that sold the brand and picked up a few rolls and some notecards.

My order came quickly and packaged up beautifully! Unfortunately I didn’t take a proper picture before I ripped it open (I was too excited to open up the washi) but you may have seen it on my Instagram Stories a few weeks ago. I really liked the washi card freebie I got too. There are some nice designs on there and it now lives in my Hobonichi Weeks cover. 

The drawing style of this range is right up my street. Cute icons and images that aren’t too cutesy. This roll was perfect for packing pages in my Hobonichi recently. 

This style is perfect for travel. I love the little text on this roll, too. 

I liked this style due to the retro designs – the cameras are my favourite in particular. 

As a stationery lover, I had to pick this roll up!

This is the final roll and isn’t part of the ‘eric’ range, but is still Papier Platz. I really liked the colours here and thought they looked a little more decorative than the other washis.

These little notecards are tiny but I just couldn’t resist them! I didn’t really know what I’d use them for when I ordered them. However, on receiving them I think they’ll work nicely in my scrapbook.

This washi isn’t cheap. In fact it’s possibly some of the more expensive rolls I’ve ever bought. However, you get 7m in a roll which is really generous. The quality of it is fantastic, too. It tears easily, is sticky but doesn’t rip the pages of your planner if you need to move it. As you can see in the pictures, the depth of colour is strong too.

Now I’ve discovered it, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more Papier Platz in the future. Have you discovered any new stationery brands lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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