My Ultimate Planner Sale purchase – Forever Daylight

During the Ultimate Planner Sale I was too busy on prep and didn’t really get to spend any time shopping.

I only made time for one purchase and that was largely because I’d spotted the shop before the sale and knew I had to have everything in the shop!

The shop in question was Forever Daylight. Specialising in pretty decorative stickers that will pretty much fit most planners, it stood out from a lot of other shops out there. As I’m not an Erin Condren planner anymore I feel like a lot of shops just aren’t relevant to me anymore. Finding stores that have pretty decorative stickers that would work well in my Hobonichis seems to be tricky but I’m glad I’ve found one now!

The order

I went for a few sheets of decorative stickers that I’d had my eye on for a while, and an oops bag. I don’t normally purchase oops bags but as there was so much I wanted from the store, I figured it would be a great way to try a few different types of their stickers. 

As you can see, I got loads of stickers! Plus a few nice freebies, thanks to the UPS.

Main sheets

I absolutely love the colours in these stickers. When I saw the plants sheet I knew I had to have it. That and the coral and dark blue sheets are my favourite. I haven’t decided whether I’m going to be using them for weekly spreads, or to pretty up some of my daily journaling (when I do it).

I’m really happy with the quality of these sheets. The colours are strong and the cuts perfect. The paper itself is quite thick, but not so thick that the stickers peel away (I’ve had that with a few sheets from other shops recently).

Oops bag

Always a risky move with an oops bag. You may get sheets you won’t use uncut sheets (my biggest worry). Thankfully I lucked out here.

I loved that there were some matching kit stickers here, enough to do a week with. I think I might try them out in my Hobonichi weekly view at some point. Aside from two sheets these are my style and would definitely use. Aside from some missing stickers and some not perfect foiling these are really good quality, barely oops at all.


I love all of these! Not sure what I’m going to do with the die cut but the sticker sheets are just my taste and I love how well put together and themed they are.

I’m really happy with these stickers. While the sheets themselves are priced similar to other stores with those size sheets, the shipping is quite a bit higher. This is largely due to the shop being in Europe and the orders being sent tracked. If you’re used to tracked shipping then you’ll not notice it. However if like me you’re used to UK based sellers who don’t send tracked, it might be a surprise. With new products such as foiled card and vellum I’ll definitely be filling up my cart for another purchase at some point!

I’m nearly through sharing my May/June Etsy spending spree! I only have one more purchase to blog about. If you’ve got any Etsy shop recommendations I’d love to read them in the comments below!

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