Purebess Galactomyces 80 Eye Cream Review

My eyes are definitely where I’m showing my age

I’m really lucky that I don’t have many signs elsewhere. My eyes however are dry and starting to line. I’ve yet to find an eye cream that deals with this and so am always on the lookout for a new one. One that came highly recommended was by Purebess.

It was less than £8 so I figured it was worth a try.

I was amazed at how large the tube was. At 50ml it’s probably the largest eye cream I’ve used.

What’s inside?

I’d heard of Galactomyces before as I’d seen it in a COSRX product but I had no idea what it is. On researching it I found it comes from mold! Not the most appetising sounding ingredient but given I have no problem putting snail products on my face, I’m clearly not that fussy. It apparently has lots of benefits but those I was most interested in was the moisturising, brightening and increased elasticity. Exactly what I needed around my eyes.

Looking at the ingredients on CosDNA there wasn’t too much to be concerned about. There’s a 3 for safety for PEG-100 Stearate, an emollient. Alcohol and beeswax both flag as potential irritants, but low on the scale. I therefore didn’t hang around patch testing and got to using this twice a day – each morning and evening.


The fact this comes in a tube is a massive plus. I hate dipping my finger into tubs of cream, so this tube is perfect.

The cream is white and not particularly thick. It has an interesting scent to it. I couldn’t identify it and asked the boyfriend for a second opinion and he said ‘warm watermelon’. I can kind of see where he’s coming from there but I think it smells a little chemically. It’s not a strong or bad smell, but it definitely caught me by surprise. While it doesn’t feel like it, it is actually quite a greasy cream and takes a little work to soak in.

Once applied it does leave my skin feeling very soft. It does feel like it leaves a thin layer on my skin. Applying make up on the top of it is no issue though.


This is a tricky one. My lines didn’t get any worse. But nothing in general around the eyes seemed to improve. Or so I thought. I switched to a new eye cream that I received as part of the #ABLONDON meet up. After two weeks using this new eye cream my eyes seem drier. My undereye lines seem to be far more prominent and my concealer just isn’t holding as well. It’s not often I only appreciate something once I’ve stopped using it, but in this case I have. Because of this I’ve actually switched back to the Purebess and will be finishing the tube.

I may update this review once I’ve finished the tube but for now I’m cheerleading this eye cream. For less than £8 it’s definitely worth a try if you’re in need of a new eye cream. Given the other benefits of Galacomyces such as acne clearing and sebum reduction I may try other products using it at the main ingredient. 

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