Strawberry Sticker Co – Etsy Shop Review

After a little shopping break I’ve found a few new to me UK based Etsy shops to purchase from

The first shop is one I found by accident and is called Strawberry Sticker Co. Although the shop itself has been around a while, I think they’ve only just moved into stickers. Most of the previous reviews seem to be for accessories such as planner bands and paperclips. Now the shop is selling super cute hand drawn and foiled stickers. I absolutely loved the rabbit character, so picked up a few sheets to try out.

The shop has a super quick turnaround time so I wasn’t waiting for these for long. I love that the sampler that came with the order was something a bit different from the usual samplers you get. These stickers are lovely and vibrant and the cuts are all perfect. The sticker paper used is also not traditional paper. I think this is the first shop I’ve ever bought from that has vinyl sticker paper. It’s like a thinner version of the sticker paper I use and it’s lovely and smooth. You can see the difference from the vinyl in how much brighter the colours are.

First up I had to buy these adorable birthday bunnies. How cute are these? Next I went for something more practical with these car maintenance stickers as I own very few car related stickers.

Despite the fact I have a stack of weather stickers I don’t seem to have many snow ones. Given I expect it’s going to be a terrible Winter I decided to stock up on these lovely snow themed stickers. As you can see, I have a thing for birthday stickers and so had to buy this other birthday sheet. The little presents will be perfect for my monthly pages.

Last up I purchased a sheet of emoji bunnies. Sometimes my weeks feel a little lacking in decoration so I’m hoping adding in a few of these to rate my day will make them a little more fun.

I’m super impressed with these stickers. The quality is fantastic and the price (£2.25 a sheet) is really good too. I will be stalking the shop for more releases and no doubt placing another order soon!

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