Delfonics Medium Pouch Set Up

It feels like ages ago that I reviewed the Delfonics Pouch.

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I was intending on writing a set up post earlier than this, but to be honest, I’ve only just got around to setting it up. As is sometimes the case, you purchase new planning products when they’re popular and you see them everywhere. Then you get them home and realise you have zero use for them.

Lots of people use the Delfonics pouch for planning on the go.

Whether that be in the house, or out and about. I have a pretty cool desk set up with all my planning accessories around me and to hand. I don’t really plan when I’m out. My EDC (a Weeks) is there for reminders about to do’s and appointments only really.

So what on earth was I going to use this for?

The pouch sat unloved in a drawer for ages until I started packing for my recent holiday. I realised I could use the pouch to take my Cousin away with me (which I never normally do).

So here, finally, is my Delfonics Medium Pouch Set Up.

So this started as a way to take my planner and accessories away. While I was there though I realised it was great for storing any stationery I purchased (which always happens) and any little bits and pieces I wanted to keep from the holiday.

The front pockets came in particularly handy for the holiday momentos. 

Everything from the holiday went in here. I decided if I put everything in there I could sort it all out once I was back home. I didn’t use the pen slots on the front because this got put in my case whenever we travelled to the next place (we took a road trip) and so I didn’t trust any pens in those front pockets.

In the back pocket I discovered this was the perfect size for my full size sticker sheets. I could therefore take away some kits and daily cover ups for my Cousin. 

As you can see, they’re too tall for the velcro to close the pocket, but these stayed in anyway. The pocket itself isn’t too deep so there wasn’t any movement.

It’s surprising just how much stuff the inside of this can fit in.

This isn’t even everything that was in it on the journey back. It also managed to fit in an A5 Leuchtturm.

I used one of the internal pockets for my TWSBI Eco as that’s my go-to pen in the Cousin and I wanted it to hand. Other than that though, I didn’t use any of the internal pockets.

In the main compartment I kept larger holiday momentos, my Cousin, highlighters (a holiday purchase) my power brick and my Livework pouch.

This in itself carries so many planning accessories. Stickers, so many pens, tweezers, ruler and scissors. 

Thanks to this pouch I was well and truly set up to do some serious planning on holiday. Despite it being a road trip, it was a really nicely chilled holiday and so there were plenty of opportunities to get out my Cousin (thankfully).

I’d still love to find an every day use for this pouch.

It’s just so well made and pretty that I feel bad for keeping it in a drawer! In the meantime though, this is ideal to take away on holiday. You can find your own here*. Or, if you’d rather purchase through Amazon, I purchased it from here*.