Pixi + Dulce Candy Eyeshadow Palette Review

I’m slowly adding more Pixi to my collection.

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I feel like Pixi is a brand I should probably just embrace and try everything, but as I’m trying to be more mindful of my purchases, I’m taking it slow. My latest purchase was a lucky find in TK Maxx, an eyeshadow palette in collaboration with Dulce Candy. I’d never heard of her before, but I loved the colour selection in this palette. 

Pinky shades are my jam at the moment and the three in this palette all looked like nice wearable colours. The browns/nudes, while less exciting were all good shades that I would be more than happy wearing if I fancied a day away from the pinks.

Value for money

These are very good sized pans, coming in at 2.6g each. Despite that, the palette is a decent size and I’ve travelled with this with no issues. This is £28 full price*, meaning each pan is worth around £3.10 each. The shadow itself works out at £1.19 a gram. 

For comparison, Urban Decay’s Naked Heat is £3.50 a pan and £2.69 a gram.

So even full price (not the bargain price of £15 that I paid at TK Maxx) this palette seems extremely good value for money.

The palette itself is very study feeling and well made and doesn’t feel cheaply made at all.

Colours and application

These are all shimmery colours which for someone like me who does a max of two colours per look, this is fine. For anything more elaborate that requires matte or transition shades, you will need to get some other products out of your stash.

These powders are super soft. Because of this, they’re really nice to apply. You’d think there’d be tons of fallout but I find just blowing my brush before I go near my eye gets any excess off nicely.

The colour pay off is pretty good, but they are very shimmery. Because of this, the difference in the different shades isn’t always apparent. Here, I’ve swatched the lightest, three pink shades and the darkest to demonstrate. 

As you can see, there’s not a huge amount of difference between the pink shades where the light catches them.

Despite that, I am enjoying wearing these. They’re very easy to wear shades and are suitable for either day or night. These has been my go-to palette since I purchased it a couple of months ago.

In terms of wear time, I’ve been getting all day out of these no problem when paired with my Nars Eyeshadow Base. I actually get better wear out of these than my Urban Decay shadows.

Another good Pixi purchase?

I think this is now the second Pixi item I’ve purchased and I’ve been similarly impressed. These are really nice shadows and I wouldn’t have been annoyed had I paid full price for this*. So much so, that I’m now eyeing up the lip palette* from the same range.