Hyggee All In One Essence Review

Don’t you just hate it when you get a sample of something which you can’t then find?

I had that experience with a sample of the Hyggee All In One Essence and the moisturiser. I received samples of both last year and absolutely loved them. When it came time to purchasing them though, I couldn’t seem to find them in the UK, or on my usual Korean Skincare site.

Melon and Starfish had the Essence briefly, but it had gone when I went to go make a purchase. So I kind of put the brand to the back of my mind, until I nipped into the Sokollab pop up shop in London a couple of weeks ago. I found a small range of Hyggee products actually in the shop!

I was so excited to actually go and see Korean Skincare in a shop that I had a little splurge.

Reviews of everything else will come later, but today I’m going to talk the Hyggee Essence. A product that I’ve been wanting for way too long!

The brand

I really love the look and feel of the Hyggee Brand. It’s clean, simple and modern. The product range is small because it’s all about cutting down on the number of steps needed in a routine. Rather than the Korean ten step routine, there’s more of a ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ approach to skincare. The only products to that, are a couple of sheet masks and a mist toner.

As much as I like layering on the products and feeling like I’m being a bit indulgent with my skincare sometimes you don’t want it to take ages to get ready for bed.

All In One Essence

I used the sample of this while away for an evening. I also used it alongside the Heimish All Clean Balm (which also blew me away) and the All In One Cream from Hyggee. It’s not an exagerration to say my skin felt the smoothest and softest it had in a long time. My skin looked plump and bright. To be honest I was compeltely sold on just using all three as my routine going forward!

The essence itself is a milky white colour and slightly thick. It more reminds me of a serum, rather than an essence.

It claims to be a toner, essence and moisturiser all in one (hence the name). The ingredients are certainly impressive. With probiotics to provide some gentle exfoliation, ceramides and hyaluronic acid for plumping.

In terms of application, two pumps is all I need to cover my face.

I might be crazy, but it seems like I can feel the essence smoothing my face even as I apply it, particularly on the neck area. After my first use I could feel the difference in my face. Just like with the sample I used, my skin felt softer and smoother.

I’ve been using this twice daily for several weeks and I’m really impressed. My skin is in really good shape. Even Ed has commented on how good my skin has been looking lately.

Now I’ve had my opinions on Hyggee confirmed, I’ll be picking up the moisturiser next! I’ve also since found it available at a lot more places (including Skinsider, yay!)