It Cosmetics CC Cream Review

I feel like I’ve been hearing about how great this is for years.

When my local Boots had a refit and got an It Cosmetics counter it also got a section dedicated to premium beauty minis. When I purchased Bye Bye Undereye, I picked up a mini of the CC Cream to put it to the test.

This is possibly the first full coverage product I’ve ever tried. This stuff claims that it’s the only thing you need to cover up any imperfections. Given I have some deep, dark circles and acne prone skin I was excited to see what the coverage would be like.

There’s not a huge shade range in this – just 12 shades.

I purchased light after talking to the consultant, but it’s probably just a touch too dark for me. With such a small shade range though, I assume the lighter shade will be too light for me.

When it comes to coverage, it definitely was full and it does a very good job. I still needed the Bye Bye Undereye, but I didn’t require concealer on any acne.

I applied this using my usual buffing brush and found it really easy to use. It’s a little thicker than my usual foundation, but I didn’t have any problems blending. Overall the finish was really nice. Great coverage, and even the colour worked well once it was all over my face.

There was just one problem.

This hydrating product was way too hydrating. Some might call this a dewy finish, I call this a sweaty finish. It only got worse throughout the day and by the end of a working day I was super shiny. The product didn’t break up at all though, which was fantastic, but my skin is just too oily for it. Normally when something is too oily the coverage also doesn’t last, but I was nicely surprised that with this, it did.

My skin is definitely less oily than it used to be, but this product is definitely only suited to those with dry skin. I’ve even been using this without moisturiser underneath, and it still looks like an oily mess. It may work with a mattifying primer underneath, but I don’t believe in having to purchase another product to make something work. If you use powder, you’ll probably get much better results though I’m not sure how long it would last throughout the day though without regular re-application.

Despite my opinion on this, I’d try another It Cosmetics base.

I’ve only tried two It Cosmetics products so far, but I’m keen to try more. There is a matt version of this CC Cream and if I find a mini of it, I’ll probably give it a try.