Delfonics Small Pouch Set Up

I bought the Delfonics Medium Pouch some time ago.

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After seeing so many people with their amazing set ups I had to get one. (If you’d like to see how I set it up, you can check out the post here.)

I loved it that much that I had to get the small one* to match!

I’ll be honest. When I bought this I didn’t really have a use for it in mind.

However, after a couple of weeks of looking at and thinking how pretty it looked, I realised I had a need for it at work.

We do hot desking at work, meaning everything I use daily has to either fit in my locker or my backpack. I therefore liked the idea of using the pouch as a mini desk – to hold all the things I need on a daily basis but in an accessible way (in lieu of pen pots and the like).

The set up

The reason why everyone loves this pouch is the number of pockets and it’s no different in the small version.

At the back, there’s one big long pocket with two smaller pockets. This is perfect for my hand cream. I have super dry hands so I need hand cream right in front of me to remind me to regularly use it. I’ve not used the smaller pockets for anything as yet.

In the front there’s a few more pockets, with one long one and three smaller ones at the front.

These pockets are used for what I grab the most during the day. That’s my hair brush, lip balm, sticky notes and my phone.

You can’t see it because I use my phone to take my pictures, but the empty pocket is where the phone lives.

In the main pocket, my Hobonichi Weeks lives. It sits out on my desk while I’m at work, but I was so happy when I realised it fit inside the main pocket of here perfectly.

It is a little snug with the Cover on Cover so next year my Weeks will be living in here without a cover. I’m also tempted to maybe try a Sneaker Weeks next year for work as it’s shorter.

Along with the Weeks, I keep my pens in here. I don’t use loads of different ones in rotation, so I just have a few in here. A couple of pens and a set of highlighters is all I need on a day to day basis.

There’s also some handy little pockets inside the main pocket too. I keep my headphones in one of these. At the moment it’s a bit too tight to keep anything else, but maybe next year with a different Weeks set up there will be.

This is a great handy little pouch.

I love the mustard colour, but there was a striped one that also caught my eye. I’m really happy with this as a desk pouch. It’s the perfect size to hold my work essentials and the fact it fits the Weeks in too is a fantastic bonus. If you’re wanting a pouch for your Weeks or A6 to live in, this is perfect.

Now I have two Delfonics pouches I really want to add to my collection. There is extra small* and a B5 case* that I have my eyes on next!