Revolution Make Up Review

I’ve been watching a lot more You Tube recently.

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Whilst doing my make up, getting ready for it work it’s the perfect time to squeeze in a video. I usually watch make up videos, mainly Make Me Up Missa and Raw Beauty Kristi. Through watching Make Me Up Missa, I’ve learnt a lot more about Revolution Makeup (and their fifty million sub brands).

This has prompted me to finally try the brand and so a couple of weeks ago I did a mini haul.

This is a combination of a couple of products I’ve wanted to buy for a while but couldn’t decide on what brand to buy, and a couple of specific product recommendations from Make Me Up Missa.

First up, let’s talk foundation – Matte Base in F1.

I can’t remember the last time I picked up a drug store foundation because for years I could never find a decent shade match. Thankfully, shade ranges have come on a long way and Revolution have shades according to undertone. I went with F1 as it’s fair with a neutral undertone.

While it is neutral, in some light it is a little dark for me. The lightest shade, 0.5 has pink undertones, so I know I could never use that. Despite this, I can still get away with the colour with a bit of blending around the neck and even wore it to a wedding and the pictures came out great!

Even though I love my Smashbox foundation I did want a new full coverage matte foundation for events (such as the wedding) and MMUM spoke about this very highly. For £5 it’s an absolute bargain! The liquid consistency is probably a little thicker than the Smashbox foundation but it’s very easy to apply and blend. I use a combination of a stippling brush, followed up by a Beauty Blender on the areas I want the extra coverage.

Whenever I’ve tried matte, full coverage foundation before it’s been way too drying, even on my oily skin. Thankfully, with this I have no such issues. Even when I finish off with just a touch of powder at no point does this look cakey or drying. The coverage is fairly full, and you can probably build this up even more than I do if you need it. I prefer to use a good amount of foundation, and then touch up any areas with concealer if I need it (which I only needed to do in one area thanks to a lovely cystic acne issue).

In terms of wear time, this is great. It lasted long into the night at the wedding with zero issues. I even wore it to a very cold and windy UK beach the next day and it still looked perfect!

Hands down, this is the best drugstore foundation I’ve ever used.

Sticking with the long wearing theme and I finally bought a foundation fixing spray, Sport Fix.

For years, I’ve just been spraying my face with water to finish off and soften the look of my foundation. As I’ve started to experience a bit of greasiness recently with my Smashbox foundation I decided to try a fixing spray as my last step. 

Again, at just £5 this is a great value item. Only a few sprays covers my face nicely, so I can imagine this lasting a good length of time. There’s no scent to it, and the mist is fine enough that you don’t feel like your face is wet afterwards. This may be my first fixing spray, but I really like it.

In terms of keeping my make up in place, it absolutely does that. I’ve used this with both the Matte Base and my Smashbox and have had great results with both. I can definitely see my Smashbox lasting longer throughout the day now. With a name like Sport Fix I do want to try this playing sport to see how it holds up. I’ve been pretty lazy these past couple of weeks so I haven’t done any, but I do intend to try it very soon.

Another winner from Revolution, and so far some of the best money I’ve spent on make up in a while.

Sticking with base products and I’ve finally bought some Baking Powder.

All concealer folds underneath my eyes. My It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye has been the best I’ve found so far as coverage and creasing go but it could still do with a little help. After meaning to try baking for a while, I picked up this baking powder. Again, it was just £5. On the recommendation of MMUM, I went for the lace colour, and it was a good match.

I applied this with a Beauty Blender under the eyes, waited a while, and then buffed off.

I was left looking about a hundred.

It was terrible. The powder had just settled into all those little lines. I’d applied it straight after my concealer, I left it no time to move. However, on reading online it seems that for some people, baking is just a big no-no. Clearly I’m one of those people.

Make Me Up Missa does recommend Coty Airspun* for baking. However, I’m not sure I want to spend £12 if I’m perhaps one of those people for whom baking will never work.

Finally, I purchased Glitter Glue.

This has been on my ‘to buy’ list for a while, but I couldn’t find many brands that actually sold it. This was just £4 for a tube.

I used this like a normal eyeshadow primer and applied it all over my lids. I’ve used this with a couple of different shimmery or glitter eyeshadows and I loved how much more vibrant it made everything. The glittery shine of even just a shimmer shadow was amazing. Living up to its glue name, it really did feel like the shadow was sticking to it.

What I liked most about it was that it didn’t seem to dry out my eyelids. I love my Nars Eyeshadow Primer but it makes my lids look and feel quite dry which I absolutely hate.

Sadly, this just didn’t last anywhere near as long as the Nars primer. It folded badly to basically create a line across my lids. It didn’t look good.

I therefore think this is best for things such as cut creases or adding a pop of shimmer to an eye look, with a different primer used all over the lids.

Revolution has really impressed me.

Even if some of these products were twice the price, I’d still be happy to purchase them. It’s been a while since I’ve bought a decent amount of drugstore make up, but this has made me reconsider this. Drugstore make up is definitely improving in quality to the point that for some items now, I see no point in paying over the odds for a high end alternative.

I’d love to have more drugstore posts in the future. So, if you have any product recommendations please let me know in the comments!