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Papergang December Review

Month two back with Papergang!

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If you saw my post a couple of weeks ago, you’ll know I decided to sign back up to Papergang* in November. I was drawn in by the beautiful design on that month’s Hygge box.

For December’s box, there was a complete change of pace. This month, it was all about pink and Kawaii!

The main feature of the box, was a lovely new planner!I like this planner because it’s an undated daily planner. It makes a change from the usual weekly planner you’d receive in a sub box. This is A5 in size so would make a very good desk planner. Because it’s a coil planner you can lay it flat with no issues. You can also just have one side on show, if you’re limited for space. The paper feels of a really nice quality. It probably won’t handle fountain pens but it’ll deal with most pens without lots of bleed through.

There were also matching stickers, too. Sadly, this is four sheets of the same design. I’ve thought this before about stickers in Papergang boxes – I would much prefer to get a couple of different sheets, rather than just four all the same.

Next up, were some very nice gel pens and sticky notes.There’s a really nice cohesive feel to this box. The gel pens will obviously work brilliantly with the planner and sticky notes are always handy to have. It’s a nice thick pad of notes and again, the paper of is of a good quality.

To complete this month’s box, we got sweets!Sweets are always welcome! They also went with the theme really nicely. There was also a matching calendar card and the usual leaflet about this month’s artist.

This month’s box wasn’t in my particular taste.

However, I still really like the box. It’s also definitely worth the value that I paid (£14 inc postage). That is the joy of a subscription box, you never know what you’re going to get. I also love how this month’s box is completely different to last month’s in terms of the contents. With a stationery box, it must be hard to change up the contents often enough that people don’t get bored. I remember from the last time I was subscribed they did a great job of mixing up the contents each month.

The design for January’s box looks more to my tastes based on the sneak peek, so I’m looking forward to receiving it soon! If you’d like to sign up, you can find out more here*. I currently pay £14 a month but you can purchase a rolling 3 or 6 month subscription to make it even cheaper!