January Stationery Wishlist

I wanted to do more blog series this year, and this is the first of them!

This post contains affiliate links, they will be marked with a *.

How many times do you come across something you really want and then by the time payday comes around you’ve forgotten where it is or where to purchase it? This happens to me a lot, so I’m going to be posting my wishlist each month. Hopefully this means I won’t forget about something cool when I have the money to purchase it, and maybe it’ll give you some happy mail inspiration?

Delfonics pouches

These have been on my wishlist for ages! I know I’ll pull the trigger eventually, I just need to find a reason to buy them. I currently own two Delfonics. I absolutely love these and use them every day. The style and build quality of these is spot on. The medium one lives next to my desk and the small one is my work pouch.

From what I can see, there are two more commonly found sizes. An extra small* which would make a perfect toiletry/make up bag for on the go; and a B5 size* which I think would be great for taking my Cousin with my when I travel. I’m probably more likely to pull the trigger on the XS in the striped design as really, I don’t do too much travelling with my Cousin in all honesty.

Notebook cover

When I was setting up my planners for 2020, the one book I didn’t buy a cover for was my Leuchtturm. These don’t really lend themselves to covers in my opinion, due to the elastic. However, after purchasing my first cover from DaCasca (for my Weeks) I now want to cut out the elastic and purchase an A5 cork cover* for my Leuchtturm too! I was super impressed with the quality of the cork cover for my Weeks and so would love to add another in an Olive colour.

Travellers Notebook Cover

I have tried using a TN system many times over the years. Every time I’ve tried it’s not worked, yet I still feel like I just haven’t found the right size for me. Every time I’m on Etsy and come across the beautiful TNs from Travelers Times* I just want one! The store has great TN inserts and it’s pretty much where I’ve purchased all of my TN inserts in the past so the temptation to fill a cart with inserts and a cover is strong!


I did quite a few sticker purchases at the end of 2019. However, one shop that I still need to get around to repurchasing from is Happy Daya Stickers*. I love these stickers and have a placed a few orders before. I’m finally working through the stash and now need to restock. They also now have Hobonichi Weeks kits so I may have to pick up a few of those, too.


I don’t like to use paperclips in my Hobonichi as it indents the paper. Looking around online Book Darts* are commonly used. It seems that a smaller quality ends up a similar price to purchasing a whole tin of 50*. So I may just go ahead and purchase a whole tin.

Something a bit different but I’m also planning to pick up some LSW Mind Cards*. As I get back into daily journaling these will be fantastic to use each day. There’s 45 cards in the set and each card has a prompt centered around wellness and in five categories – gratitude, ritual, journal, reflection and kindness. This is just the thing I need for a bit of self care and to help fill up the A5 pages in my Cousin. I’m planning to basically pick one at random each time I sit down with my Cousin and write whatever it prompts me to in the daily pages.

Finally, I think I need to buy a new Silhouette machine*. One of my portraits might require replacing very soon. I prefer the Portrait to the Cameo but it seems the Portraits aren’t as easy to come by any more. I was only able to find them in a couple of places to purchase new.

What’s on your wishlist for the start of the year?