Happy Daya Stickers Order

I rarely place sticker orders in 2020

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I have such a backlog that I have to be running out of a sheet before I can buy any more. I’d been collecting a little list of sheets I’d either run out of, or was running out of and placed an order with Happy Daya Stickers*. I was tempted to try out some new shops but I found it hard to find everything I wanted from just one or two shops. Given the huge selection at Happy Daya, I was able to find everything I needed (and more!)

I think this was my largest haul from Happy Daya yet! It took about three weeks to get here, with about a week of it being stuck in customs (though I didn’t get stung!)

The first thing I noticed on opening up my order, was the lovely card your stickers now arrive inside. This is a lovely idea and I’ll definitely be keeping it to tip into a planner at some point!

Happy Daya Stickers Order


Happy Daya always does an excellent job with the freebies.

Happy Daya Stickers Order freebies

This was just the first set. I loved using these in the last week of October in my Cousin (the order arrived just in time to use them!)

Happy Daya Stickers Order freebies

The two sheets at the back are perfectly foiled. I have a similar sheet from last order and I love dropping these encouraging stickers in my planner from time to time.

The order

Happy Daya Stickers Order

These were all stickers I was running out of in my collection. The nap and headache stickers are probably my favourites. I can’t wait to use one of those the next time I fall asleep on the couch.

Happy Daya Stickers Order

The three sheets on the right were all new ones to my collection. I realised I have no lunch stickers and all my coffee stickers were takeout cups. Since I’m pretty much drinking all of my coffee at home now, I needed these cute espresso cups!

Happy Daya Stickers Order

More replacement stickers, but in slightly different designs from the ones they’re replacing. The great thing about the designs from Happy Daya is that you can personalise the girls in terms of both skin colour and hair colour. You can generally tell when I placed an order based on the hair colour I’ve chosen each time as I’ve had three hair colours since I’ve been ordering from here!

Another great order from Happy Daya Stickers!

I’ve been ordering from this shop for years and the stickers have never been anything other than perfect. High quality paper (not vinyl stickers) in a huge range of designs. I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m placing another order.