Hobonichi Weeks Set Up 2021

Another planner set up post for 2021!

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This time I’m showing you my Weeks set up. The Weeks will be my health and finance planner for 2021. Last year I had this spread over two different Weeks, but I’m merging everything into one this year.

hobonichi weeks in cork cover

I’m using the same cover as last year on this, from Da Casca*. This is a beautifully made cover that despite daily use for a year isn’t showing any signs of wear.

In the pen loop I keep my favourite pen for the Weeks, my Pilot Coleto*. I use this for colour coding in my finance tracking, so I like to keep it close to the planner.

pilot coleto

Opening up the cover and I don’t have any pockets in the front as I don’t really need them.

hobonichi weeks set up

I have post it notes (I don’t use these very often and have had them for years) and some Coco Fusen tabs*. I always use these tabs in my planners to mark any pages I need to go back to.

Next up I have a plastic pocket that I use for stickers

I don’t use a huge amount of stickers in this planner, but I do always use my fitness icons from the shop. I created some custom sheets for the stickers I use most (weights, cycling and running).

fitness stickers

On the yearly overview page I’ve used a kit, so I could use the large box to write down my key. This spread will just be for tracking the exercise I do at a glance, and I’ve made a note of my exercise goal for the year below.

exercise tracking

I’m hoping I’ll be great to look back on at the end of the year and see it filled!

On the yearly planning pages I’m going to be tracking my weight. I don’t plan on weighing myself daily, but probably around three times a week. At the top I plan on creating a graph charting my lowest weight of each month.

weight tracking

In the top boxes I’ve written weights in 0.5kg increments. Based on my current weight I’ve had to take a bit of a guess as to where my weight would be for the next six months, taking into account my weight goal for the year. Then I’ll make a dot at the end of each month with where my lowest point was. As the months go back I’ll be able to create a line graph showing how my weight has progressed (or fluctuated).

The monthly pages are going to be used for meal planning.

Down the left hand side of the page I have my food shop staples that I always buy. I then plan out my meals for the week and create a shopping list on the app I use.

I’m great at meal planning, I’m not that great at actually following the plan (as I write this, I’ve only had about three of the planned evening meals for this week). This is definitely a focus for me in 2021 to cut down on food wastage.

The weekly pages are going to be used in broadly the same way as 2020

On these pages I use the Platinum Preppy pen*. This is one of the few fountain pen inks I’ve found that seems to dry quickly on the Tomoe River paper.

I want to try and keep it simple in 2021 though. Things like water and weight tracking won’t live on these pages any more. I no longer need to track water as it’s a full habit now, and weight logging is on the yearly pages.

Instead, the left hand side of the page will be for tracking my exercise. Everything on the right hand page will be to do with food – meal logging, daily calories and macros. At the bottom of the page I’ll use a habit tracker to track my skincare routine.

I pretty much gave myself December off so this starts on Monday for me.

The notes pages are mainly used for finances

I use my budget planning stickers to lay out my budget for the month. I then track every single thing I spend money on during the month. This is an example page. If you want to know more about how I budget plan in my Weeks, you can find a dedicated post here.

This is where the colour coding comes in. I have four categories – food, shop, petrol and other. Each expenditure gets written in the corresponding colour so when it’s time to sum up my spending, it’s a lot easier.

After this, I have an order tracker page.

hobonichi weeks set up

The final thing to talk about in this planner are my tabs

planner tabs

I use my trusty Avery tabs* and use little stickers to show what each tab is for. I hate writing on tabs as my handwriting isn’t neat, so I love using stickers instead. These stickers are either from my shop, or the CoffeeMonsterzCo.

This is how my set up is looking at the start of the year

I’ve kept it simple, but I’m hoping it’s going to work for me. No doubt I’ll switch it up several times throughout the year.

With the spare notes pages I have, once I’ve left enough for budgeting and orders for the whole year, I’m looking into using them for meal ideas. Not necessarily full recipes, just a list of meals and the ingredients I need to buy to make them. I’m hoping this will make meal planning easier and stop me from eating the same meals over and over.

Are you done with your planner set ups for 2021?

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