How I set up my Raskog cart!

I finally achieved cart peace.

Okay, so there’s no such thing as cart peace (but I’m happy to be the person who coined the term) but I recently rearrange one of my two Raskogs and loved the set up so much I just had to share it!

If at this point you’re wondering ‘what on Earth is a Raskog?’ then click here! It’s a brilliant little storage cart intended for kitchens but utilised for tons of other reasons. I use one to house all my haircare products so I can dry/straighten my hair all over the house. I use my other in my craft room as my little Etsy shop hub. The main point of it is to house all my packaging supplies so I don’t necessarily need to keep them next to my desk (where I don’t have heaps of storage close by) but I do need to have them to hand when I’m packing orders there.


Apologies for the poor lighting. I’m in dire need of a new camera.

Back when I was first starting out the cart also housed most of my stock but as the business grew it needed to move into proper shelving. That then meant half of it was used as just general storage. Then a few months ago I started making my own planner stickers and bought clear Muji drawers to store them in. While I was having a rearrange a while ago I realised these drawers would fit in the Raskog allowing me pack any sticker orders without moving back and forth to my shelvingIMG_7805

The top tray has everything I need to pack an order: envelopes, bags, stamps, posting labels, washi and stickers for decoration. The washi and stamps are kept in cute little plastic ‘shopping bags.IMG_7804

The second basket houses the little baskets I use to pick orders, freebies and business cards. There’s also some extra packing bits like little cellophane bags.IMG_7802

The final basket has a large Orla Kiely box that has documentation in with my sticker drawers on top. I’m a ready to ship shop but I manage my inventory quite tightly so I don’t need huge amounts of sheet storage.

I can’t recommend these little carts highly enough. They’re not cheap at £49 but they’re very sturdy and feel well built. The wheels also run nicely over the carpet (unlike my Ikea computer chair!) I’d love to have a second one to house all my planner supplies but sadly I just don’t have the room at the moment.

I hope you liked my little Raskog tour!

Em x