The Weekend Review: Garnier Ultimate Blends Heat Protection Milk

After my disappointment with the GHD heat protector spray I’ve gone back to a cheap and cheerful heat protector.

I bought the Garnier Milk at Boots for £4.49 and was initially concerned that it wouldn’t last long at all, due to only being 150ml. However after a good few weeks use it doesn’t actually feel any lighter so I don’t think I’m going to be running out anytime soon. garnierThis feels a little thicker than a normal heat protector spray, but has a lovely delicate scent to it. As it’s a little thicker I was expecting my hair to get greasier quicker but I’ve noticed no difference from any other heat protector.

When it comes to performance of the product I’ll start with the biggest disappointment with this –  the detangling claims on the bottle. On my hair, it just didn’t detangle anything. My Tangle Teezer has been struggling lately and this hasn’t helped one bit sadly and I’m find way too much hair on my brush at the moment. As this isn’t the main reason I bought it though I can let that issue slide. Thankfully, when it comes to the heat protection side of things it does seem to protect my hair from my hairdryer with no frazzling of the ends or extra frizzyness that I would attribute to lots of heat damage.

I would definitely buy this again, but with the awareness that there are no detangling properties to it. As a heat protector it works great and at under a fiver, it’s a very good price.

Em x