COSRX Ultimate Nourishing Overnight Rice Mask & Pimple Patches – The Weekend Review

Another two for one with The Weekend Review this week thanks to two lots of CosRX goodies I’ve been trying.

The COSRX Overnight Mask was a bit of an impulse purchase as I was running out of my night cream and was concerned that the Benton Steam Cream wasn’t quite moisturising enough for me. The Pimple Patches I saw highly recommended over on Reddit and as the DHC Oil had just started breaking me out, I picked them up to try.

I bought both of these from Amazon but sadly they’ve gone and removed all COSRX products. I’ll therefore be buying future COSRX items from good old Ebay or Jolse.

Ultimate Nourishing Overnight Rice Mask

As mentioned above and in my review post of the Benton Steam Cream, I was a little dry for the first week of use. In looking for a night cream I stumbled across this and figured it would be good to try. Alongside the nourishing aspect, I was also excited by the brightening claims. This cream contains Niacinamide, which should help to even out my skin tone and help fade away the redness left over from old spots. 

This mask was £13.97 for 50g and I’ve eased myself into using this and even now don’t use it daily. I tend to use it a couple of times a week when my skin feels like I need a pick me up, or my acne is having a bit of a flare up. 

The cream is lovely to apply, and feels like a luxurious end to your skincare routine. The cream feels rich, but not too thick.

It soaks into the skin very easily and leaves my face feeling incredibly strokeable! There’s a lovely level of softness without feeling at all tacky or sticky. I even think my skin feels a little brighter immediately. The next day my skin does look brighter and feel smoother and isn’t any greasier than usual. I do think this is also helping to generally improve my general skin tone.

I’m really enjoying using this just a couple of times a week. You don’t need a lot of this and the picture above was actually taken after about three/four weeks of use so the pot will last me ages. I’m looking forward to continuing to see good results from this.

Acne Pimple Master Patch

What did I do without these patches??

This is two sheets as I didn’t have one full sheet available!

I paid £5.90 for this which contains 24 patches in total, in three different sizes. I have since found multipacks over on Ebay for quite a bit cheaper.

So what on Earth are these? They’re hydrocolloid patches. Hydrocolloid wound dressings are pretty common and they help to seal off and heal the wound. What they do for your spots is pull out the nasties and aid healing. If you leave one of these patches on a popped or unpopped spot overnight you’ll peel it off the next day and see the bit covering the spot was white. It’s as satisfying as pulling off a nose strip! This definitely leads to your spots healing much quicker as it just accelerates everything.

What I’ve also found to be a massive benefit is when you’ve popped your spots. I’m aware you’re not supposed to do that but sometimes when they’re big and painful it has to be done. If you pop a spot and put one of these on after cleansing it it’ll aid healing but also stop a horrible scab forming. How many times have you popped a spot and woken up the next day to something you couldn’t cover up? Either because it’s scabbed a little or is just raw? It doesn’t happen with these. It starts to heal over quickly in a way that means you can cover up with make up like normal.

The only other thing to say about these patches is there’s an awful lot of packaging to them. 

However I highly recommend keeping most of it, particularly if you travel anywhere with them. That’s the mistake I made and why I now have two sets open at the same time!

COSRX love

I’m super impressed with my first two COSRX purchases. I will never be without these Pimple Patches (unless of course my acne clears up forever) and the Overnight Mask is possibly the nicest cream I’ve ever used on my face, in terms of how it feels afterwards. I think when I finally start using some AHAs/BHAs it’ll probably be from COSRX.

If you have any COSRX recommendations please let me know in the comments below!