Pilot Kakuno Review – a perfect under £15 fountain pen

This wasn’t supposed to be the pen I intended to review today.

I’ve been on a little bit of a spree when it comes to fountains pens lately. After purchasing the TWSBI Eco I knew I couldn’t stop there. I wanted a cheaper pen to carry around with the Hobonichi Weeks. After some debating and looking at reviews I decided on the Kaweco Perkeo. I like the unusual design and the fact that you could get a converter for it. I bought the cotton candy one with a fine nib.

Sadly, it was the least fine nib I’d ever come across.

However, it was still nice to write with and I was enjoying using it in my Cousin. In the Weeks, it was sadly a little too thick. The universe decided to tell me it wasn’t right for the Weeks by falling out of the pen holder for it while I was out about. Although it was cheap it’s still the most expensive pen I’ve ever lost and I’m still sad now about. I turned the flat over several times hoping to find it but alas, I think it’s gone.

Just before I lost the Kaweco I’d purchased another fountain pen on a whim, after seeing it in use on someone’s Instagram. This was the Pilot Kakuno. At only £11.99 it seemed really great value and came with some cartridges to get you started. I didn’t purchase a converter for this one, deciding to see how I got on with it first.

The pen

Considering it came all the way from Hong Kong it got here super quick and with free shipping!

To say it was such a cheap pen I was actually kind of impressed with the packaging. It actually came in a box whereas the Kaweco did not.

There were four pastel shades on offer and opted for the yellow. I liked the yellow as it was a little different and thought it might look nice in my A6 Meadowgate Leather TN, if I ever wanted to use it with that.

If the light colours aren’t for you, there is a range of these available with a black barrel instead and multicolour lids.

The pen itself feels very light. However not in a way that makes me think I’ll instantly break it. It’s obviously not going to be as hard wearing as my TWSBI but I’d be more than happy to carry this around with me. The fine nib is actually fine (unlike the Kaweco) and has a cute little wink face on it!

Nibs with faces on won’t be for everyone, but I just love how fun this pen feels and looks.

The cartridges (7 in fact) that the pen comes with are decently sized. I can’t imagine needing to buy more (or a converter) for quite a while.


I absolutely love writing with this. The fine nib is just perfect for my writing style and the triangular barrel is easy to hold. The triangle is so soft you’d think it was a circular barrel when writing with it. The ink it comes with is impressive – it’s just a simple black but it’s very opaque and I don’t get flow issues like I do with my Diamine inks. The colour and depth is consistent no matter what I write.

I’m enjoying writing with this so much that I’ve actually swapped my TWSBI Eco for this and am using this daily in my Hobonichi Cousin. I’ve had absolutely no flow or leaking issues with this,  aside from a little messiness inside the lid. When writing, the ink looks very wet but I’ve not actually smudged this once since using it. Either the ink dries quickly, or I’m just getting used to using fountain pens again.

Overall thoughts?

I wished I’d bought this first instead of the Kaweco! I’ve yet to use a Pilot pen that I didn’t love. Despite not needing yet another fountain pen I do often look at getting the other colours of this, just to build up a little collection. I was really happy with the seller I purchased from. Cheap pen with 7 cartridges and fast and free shipping. It’s where I’ll be going if I decide to add to my collection!

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