My favourite Etsy store for Hobonichi stickers – Sugarloop

You’ll have probably seen me talk about Sugarloop stickers before.

I discovered this store quite some time ago now and loved the watercolour stickers on offer.

This is probably my favourite Etsy store. I’m on my third order now!

Recently I’ve moved into a Hobonichi Cousin and have found my love for these stickers has increased massively. The stickers are just perfectly sized for the planner.

My favourite stickers from Sugarloop for the Hobonichi are the titled flag stickers. As you can see in the above spread, they fit perfectly in the columns. I have some for ‘to do’, ‘this week’ and ‘blog’.

Finding quarter box style stickers for the Hobonichi has proven difficult (I’ll be making my own very soon!) but the blank flags fit snugly.

I like being able to have a blank box that I can use as a bit of a title.

Latest order

With my latest Sugarloop order, I discovered some new stickers that were perfect for my Hobo. 

The little heart dots fit perfectly in the hour gap of the weekly pages of the Hobonichi. There’s also some plain dots that are the same size too. I love using this for marking things happening at a certain time. I’ve also found they come in very handy for recording what each day’s planned Instagram post is.

If you’ve got a Hobonichi and are struggling to find adequately sized stickers for it I highly recommend checking out Sugarloop. The stickers are high quality, they are reasonably priced, and shipping is quick! 

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