My First Heimish Purchases

Heimish is one of those brands that I heard of for ages before finally purchasing something.

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I’d only ever tried one product before from the brand. A sample of the All Clean Balm which I absolutely loved but never purchased. I’ve never tried a cleanser that didn’t break me out so although it was great to use one time, I couldn’t risk regular use.

The first proper purchase actually happened without me even twigging it was Heimish. At the K Beauty event I went to last year one of the retailers there had testers of their eye gels. As my dry, dark eyes are one of my biggest skin concerns I was intrigued and so ordered a pot.

Bulgarian Rose Hydrogels

These little eye patches come with some big claims. They claim to help depuff eyes, help with dark circles and even anti ageing. They’re a slimy, jelly substance in a kind of half moon shape. You simply take two and place one under each eye and relax. I tend to aim for around 20 minutes of wear before removing and patting in the essence. I don’t tend to get issues with puffiness so I was more concerned with dark circles and the lines around my eyes.

While wearing, these are pretty comfortable. They feel nice and soothing around the eyes. However, I’ve found this to only be the case if you break the thin end of the patch off. In order to feel comfortable wearing these I have to snip about half a centimeter off the end of them every time. This is because of the curve of these gels. If I applied them under my eyes the thin bit at the end would poke straight into my eye. They’re also very slippery and a bit of a faff to apply. I’m not sure if this is normal for eye gels as I’ve never used them before, but these took some getting used to. 

I purchased these from Beauty and Seoul and at £17.50 for 60 patches they’re not the cheapest. For this reason I haven’t used them as regularly as I probably need to to see some real results. When I do use them, I do see a result the next day. My dark circles appear reduced and in general under my eyes looks brighter. I’m on the fence about whether to repurchase these. I’m probably going to wait until I’ve finished the pot before making a decision. I do like the effect they have on my eyes, but I don’t like application an dhow I need to snip a bit off them. I may try other brands to see if I can find an alternative that’s less of a faff to use.

Smudge Stop Mascara

Korean Beauty has opened up tubing mascara to me. I had no idea it was a thing before I got into K-Beauty and I couldn’t live without it now. I saw the Smudge Stop Mascara suggested online in a conversation on the best smudge proof mascaras and I was falling out of love with my Tony Moly mascara, so I picked this up to try. I purchased this for just under £11* which is about what I’d normally pay for mascara. The packaging is nice and sturdy feeling and the brush itself is curved, which is easy to use. The first thing you’ll notice when opening the mascara is how much product comes out on the brush. Every time I use this I have to repeatedly wipe off the excess. It’s also quite thick and has a tendency to pile on the very tip of the spoolie. Because of this it’s very easy to catch a blob of product around your eye somewhere during application.

Despite this, I love this mascara. When there’s not huge amounts of excess product it applies like a dream, makes my lashes look separated and full and does not smudge throughout the day. Even wearing this on walks during horrible Winter days, this stuff doesn’t budge. It’s on a par with the performance of the Isehan Heroine Mascara*. The major plus point the Heimish mascara has though is it does not dry out, unlike the Isehan which didn’t last more than around 6 weeks.

So while this mascara is slightly annoying to use, I’ll absolutely be repurchasing. It only smudges if I give my eyes a full on rub, otherwise it sticks around making my lashes look nice all day long.

Heimish – a hit and a ‘meh’

I guess that’s how I’d summarise my thoughts on this brand so far. I think I probably would have had the same issues with any eye gels I used, it just happened to be Heimish that I tried first. Now I’ve realised they’re a similar experience to my Eyebright, I’ll stick to that in future. The mascara though was a revelation and definitely makes me want to try more of their make up in future.