The Weekend Review: MakeUp Eraser cloth 

I’d seen the makeup eraser before. Not sure where, but it had definitely caught my eye. 

While shopping in Sephora in Venice last month I noticed that they had them in store. As I hadn’t filled my basket too full (I was good) I decided to splurge the €20 to try it out. I figured if it meant that I didn’t need to spend any money on face washes etc (it claims to last 1000 washes!) then it would be well worth it. sephora haul 2The instructions are simple: pop it in the washing machine before the first use, wet it like any other cloth and just wipe that make up away!

It does say to not rub too hard but I must admit, I’m impatient and in the process of trying to train myself to be a little bit gentler. The cloth is beautifully soft though. I was amazed when I first got it out of the packaging just how soft it is.

make up eraser

Pretty good size – hand for scale.

I wear quite thick make up (Stila stay all day foundation) and waterproof mascara (NYX Doll Eye) but I’ve been really impressed with how well it takes my make up off. To be really thorough I probably wet and use the cloth twice per make up removal, but I have seen reviews of people saying they only need to wet the cloth once (and even only use part of it) to take off their face.

It probably takes me a couple of minutes to remove my make up with this which is longer than a face wash however I did a cleanser water test afterwards and there was no makeup residue left on my skin at all. Normally I struggle to get absolutely everything off my skin on a night but not with this.

From the instructions it suggests that you’re to wash the cloth after every time you use but I don’t really agree with that. Every 2/3 times has been fine for me and I’ve lost no quality in doing that. I think if I was to need to do that I’ll struggle to maintain use as I’d get annoyed or forget and plus I don’t need to do washing every single day.

So far so good. I’m pretty happy with my purchase. Now onto the downside. And there is at least only one that I can see. It left my skin kinda dry. Every time I used it. Now if you’re a regular reader of the blog you’ll know I can get dry bits on my face but generally not after washing my face. I guess I miss the moisturising properties my usual facial cleansers have. I don’t particularly want to go down the route of using lots of moisturiser on my skin on a night because overall my skin is oily and I don’t want to make it worse. However, it’s only in a couple of areas (nose mainly) so I’m going to try using my Liz Earle soothing toner after use to see if that calms my skin down at all but if you have any other hints please drop me a note below!

Despite the slight dryness, I am really happy with this. It’s just so easy and convenient and I don’t have to mess around at all on a night. It’ll be ideal for on holiday, particularly if you’ve only got hand luggage. I’m only using one product (whereas before I could be using three just to get my skin clean, let alone anything that came after that) and I’m also not shoving a load of chemicals on my face which as you may know from my ‘water free’ experiment I’m a big advocate of.

Since my return to the UK I have found it available over here (I’m thinking Christmas presents for everyone I know!) and cheaper than what I paid for it!

Have you tried this? What did you think?

Em x