Papergang July Review

I have to say when I saw the theme sneak peeks for this month from Papergang I was intrigued

It looked a bit different from the norm. In a world of pretty, flowery or cute stationery, this looked very interesting.

Finally, towards the end of the month, my box arrived!

This marble design is so different. I loved it as soon as I saw the box. I’m sure other people will think differently but to me it conjures up images of volcanoes and beautiful oceans. I wasn’t sure how it was going to translate into stationery so I opened it up and took a peek.

So this month there’s a mix of two prints. The marble effect from the packaging is contained on the greetings card and washi. There’s then a second, softer brush stroke pattern which is all over the pencil case and monthly calendar card. Completing the box this month is a pencil.

The goodies

I’m going to talk about the pencil case first and while a part of me thought ‘oh great yet another pencil case’ once I felt it I knew this overtook all my others. I got a bit pencil case’d out when I subscribed to The Planner Society and the quality of them was never that great. This Papergang pencil case is a good size, is made from a high quality oil cloth fabric and has a tough zip attached. Inside the pencil case is lined with a good quality creamy white fabric. Quality-wise, this is everything I wanted from The Planner Society pencil cases, but never received. This will now be replacing the two pencil cases I had kept and I’ll probably sell them on. 

This pencil case clearly demonstrates that this box is all about quality over quantity. And I love that.

Next up is one of favourites – washi!

This is such an unusual design and one I probably wouldn’t have picked out for myself. However, because it’s so unusual and contains lots of colours I see myself using this all over my planner and scrapbook. As with the pencil case, the quality here is fantastic. It’s proper washi tape. It’s good and thick but rips nicely too. I can’t wait to use this.

This month’s greeting card has the same design as the box with one addition, some lovely foiling. This will make a lovely congratulations card for someone. As with last month this is a high quality card stock with recycled envelope.

Finally this month is this pretty pencil. 

I haven’t used it yet as I have about a million pencils still to use. It does look like a pretty good pencil and I’m a fan of the black rubber on the end.

Overall box thoughts

According to the little card you get with the box each month, this little lot is worth around £18.95. I wouldn’t argue with that and while it’s a little less than last month it’s still more than the £14 I paid for the box. I don’t want to keep comparing it to The Planner Society but actually when I think about all the other subscription boxes I’ve subscribed to over the years the quality with the Papergang box is well above that of others. Nothing feels like an afterthought, it all works well in the box. Everything I’ve had so far has been fantastic quality and I’m more than happy to continue paying for it.

I’m super excited for next month’s box as Gemma Correll has designed it! There’s still a few days to sign up for it so move quick! (Not an affiliate link)