Mizon Black Snail All In One Repair Cream Review

If you’d have said to me last year I’d be smearing all sorts of snail products on my face I’d have looked at you funny.

In fact, I’m sure I recall my mother talking about something with snails in she was using and I turned my nose up. I couldn’t imagine something so gross on my face!

Yet here I am, with snail cream and sheets masks and just loving them! The effect it has on my face – clearing up my old acne redness and leaving my skin feeling plumped and soft – has been such a nice surprise.

Today I’m back with another snail stuffed product review. After the success of the Benton Cream I wanted to try something else because I’m easily bored. The Mizon Black Snail All In One Repair Cream was a frequent recommendation so I added it to my Amazon wishlist.

When I opened it up the first thing that grabbed me was how heavy it was! The jar is a whopping 75g, something I didn’t notice on the listing. It’s also a thick, heavy jar which leads it to feel like a pretty premium product.

This cream has a whopping 90% snail mucus filtrate. That’s a whole lot of snail in a jar. If anything is going to demonstrate what snails can do, it’s this.

The cream

While I’ve seen this described as a thin cream I actually think it’s the opposite. I’ve even some reviews say it’s not that moisturising, which I completely disagree with.

In comparison to the Benton Steam Cream that I was using before, this is considerably thicker. It feels rich and creamy on the skin and while it takes a little longer to sink it, it’s no more than a couple of minutes. Normally with thicker creams I find my face can be like an oil slick come the end of the day but not with this. No reaching for the blotting sheets at all! This is probably the first thick moisturiser I’ve ever used that hasn’t turned my face into an oily mess.

One month in

After just over a month of use I’ve got around 2/3 of the jar left. I’ve been using it twice a day most days. Some evenings I use the CosRX Overnight Rice Cream instead for a little extra moisture if I’ve used an exfoliator. At £18 this is more expensive than other Korean Skincare I’ve come across. However, given a jar will last me over three months, that’s still very reasonable. It’s also a lot cheaper than a lot of Western snail products I’ve seen.

After my first month of use, my skin has been relatively calm. A couple of little flare ups that are probably hormone related but that’s it acne wise. Some old redness has gone down/faded, but not by huge amounts, which is surprising given the Niacinamide in the cream. Where I have seen a big difference though, is lines and wrinkles. There is a marked difference in what I call my eye bags just above my cheeks. They have definitely shrunk. It was such a nice surprise when I noticed! And it is noticeable (to me, anyway). Any fine lines I’ve had around my forehead have also visibly reduced. I’m incredibly impressed with the effects of this cream.

Despite me being easily bored, I think I am going to repurchase this. I’ve got a serum on the way that should hopefully help with my redness, leaving this to purely be about anti aging. Now I’m 30 it’s about time I actually started getting serious about anti aging, and this cream definitely does that!

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