Papergang September Review

This month my Papergang box took me by surprise.

It arrived before my shipping notification did!

I picked up the box from the doormat and got very excited to feel the weight of it… it was very heavy!

Yep, I actually struggled to get everything in the picture!

The goods

Let’s start with the thing I was most excited about. The thing I’ve been needing to buy for a couple of weeks now – the desk pad.This is just what I’ve been after for work. Although I bullet journal at work, I’ve needed a pad to keep on my desk for quick notes and to dos. This has been perfect for that and came to work straight away. The design of the pad is unusual but nice and doesn’t look out of place on my work desk. It’s also extremely thick – the pages are a high gsm but there’s probably around a years worth of pages on here. This is probably the most useful thing I’ve ever had out of one of these boxes.

Alongside the usual greetings card this month was matching wrapping paper. Particularly given how unusual the design is on the card, it’s nice to put some matching paper with it for consistency. The paper itself is folded up into four and again is nice and thick paper. I do struggle to wrap with thicker paper because I’m awful at wrapping but I appreciate the higher quality.

Next up were the items with the slightly different theme.

These are definitely in keeping with the theme of the box, just a brighter version. Along with stickers was a super cute coaster. This will look awesome on my desk.

The stickers once again were of a great quality.

These will look cute in my planner but aside from that, I’m not sure what I’d use them for.

Overall thoughts

A nice little touch this month was how they give you info about your box. They’ve changed from just a postcard into a little booklet. This has the usual box info, along with an interview with this month’s box designer, Natasha Durley. I like this new little leaflet, it’s great to meet the people behind the designs.

Once again, I’m really happy with this box. It’s hands down the best £13 I spend each month. There’s been some super useful items in this month’s box that I definitely would have bought myself. I love that even though there’s two patterns/designs they work together nicely. Sometimes in these boxes the two designs don’t always go together which can be disappointing.

After a few months of this subscription I’m also really happy that I haven’t had much item duplication. With other subscription boxes I’ve had I’ve ended up with massive stashes of the same product. So far, everything I’ve had has been different enough to not feel like I’ve received anything I didn’t need.

If you haven’t checked out Papergang yet, I highly recommend it!

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