Benton Snail Bee Essence & Cosrx Snail 96 Power Essence Review

Two for the price of one this week!

I finally decided to add an essence into my skincare routine last month. After doing a bit of browsing and looking at reviews I decided to give the Benton Snail Bee Essence a go. As I’d been pretty happy with the Benton moisturiser I figured this would just have a more intense effect. I love snails. Anything snails seems to do wonders for my skin. Between that and the healing properties of honey, this should have worked a treat on my skin. You get 60ml of this for £17.85 over on Amazon so this isn’t cheap. It does however claim to do a lot of things. It claims to help your acne and wrinkles, and brighten your skin. The cherry on the top is the hydration. Presumably thanks to the snail secretion filtrate, this has a gel like consistency. One pump of this twice a day was how I was using it. It wasn’t too sticky and seemed to sink into the skin nicely.


When I added this to my routine, possibly the largest breakout I’ve ever had happened. My skin hasn’t been in such a bad way for a really long time. This was the only new thing I’d introduced to my skin for quite a while. It could have been a coincidence but I had to remove it from my routine. In total this product lasted around two weeks.

After a few weeks my skin settled down slightly. Enough for me to introduce a new essence into my routine. Enter, Cosrx.I wish I’d just bought this in the first place. The reviews are awesome and I’ve used lots of Cosrx products now with no issue. It also pretty much claims similar benefits to the Benton essence.

The essence

This costs just £11 for 100ml so the tight part of me loves this already!This, like the Benton essence is more of a gel. Unlike the Benton though, this is a lot more stringy and takes a while to sink in. I started using one pump twice a day, but have increased it to two as one pump didn’t give me enough coverage.One thing I do love about both of these essences is the pump. I wish more of my products came with a pump, they’re so much easier to use.

Four weeks in…

The Cosrx has lasted longer than the Benton! No huge breakouts this time. In fact, I’m in love with this. So much so I’ve already bought a second bottle to ensure I never run out. No only has this helped to get my acne under control, the redness from old spots actually goes away when using this. Asian Beauty helped me discover the actual name for that redness- post inflammatory erythema. I just assumed I’d be stuck with that redness that hangs around long after the spot has gone. With this, it actually goes away! I still need some help to get rid of the spot initially (like Cosrx Pimple Patches) but once all the badness has gone, this kicks in to fade the red away.

In terms of anti ageing, I’m happy with how plump and healthy my skin feels while using it. The only thing I do wish though, is that it was a little more moisturising. While I’m still trying to shake the rest of my acne, and with Winter coming, this doesn’t give me the hydrating boost I’d like.

As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve got a second bottle of this on the way. I’m barely a fifth of the way though the first bottle but I was placing a Jolse order and decided to grab one of these as an extra. I also think I’ll be buying a bottle of this for my mum for Christmas to get her hooked on Korean Skincare! 

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