New Etsy Shop Discovery – Beneva Creations

I’m kind of making it my mission to seek out new Etsy shops at the moment.

I had such an amazing find with Happy DAYA Stickers, it’s made me realise there’s lots more amazing shops out there waiting to be found. While sticking to what you know is good, finding something new is just a little more exciting! This week, it’s the turn of Beneva Creations. I’d been eyeing up their stickers for a while since someone I follow on Instagram had shared a couple of hauls. This is a shop filled with character stickers, but unusually one of the characters is a dinosaur. I’d never come across dinosaurs in planner stickers so I had to pick up a few sheets to check them out!

How adorable are these?!

The order

If you’re not a fan of dinosaurs don’t worry, there’s also a human character and a selection of stickers with her in. The dino is called Rex, and the girl is called Twigs. As the Dinosaur was what most stood out to me when I first saw the shop, I filled up on those stickers. 

I can’t decide on the pastel dinosaur sheet or the balloons sheet in terms of my favourite. I think possibly the balloons sheet because of how colourful they are. These will be perfect for making birthdays and parties in my planner. 

I really love the designs on these sheets. I feel like the sleepy sheet is going to used a lot! These sheets have been created with a lot of imagination. They’re also very different to a lot of what I’ve seen out there currently. The sticker size is good too and so will fit in most kinds of planners, including my Hobonichi.

I’m really happy with the quality of these stickers. It’s clearly good quality sticker paper and the cuts were all perfect. At £2.45 a sheet they’re similarly priced to other shops out there and while the shop is based in Canada, International shipping was a good price and my order arrived promptly.

I love throwing a cute character sticker in my planner every so often so I think these will get used a lot. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for any new releases – some Etsy or blog related stickers would be awesome!

As always, I’d love some Etsy shop recommendations! If you’ve discovered some shops lately, please let me know in the comments!

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