Latest Beauty Empties – July 2018

It’s been so long since I did an empties post!

Everything I use seems to last so long now that I find myself accumulating far less in my empties pile (which is a good thing). As I finally have a few stocked up, I figured it was time to share with some mini reviews.

As usual, lots of Korean Beauty!

Biore UK Perfect Milk

This has been on my ‘to review’ list for so long that I finally just used it up and went straight to popping it in an empties post. I am not a fan of this at all. While it goes under make up just fine, there is a huge amount of white cast and so you can only use it under make up. I also found that I had an increase in spots when using this, so it was likely clogging up my pores too. This won’t be repurchased. I’ve recently picked up an Innisfree sun cream and am getting on it with it far better. No white cast, no nasty spots. 

Innisfree Eco Science Eye Cream

I was initially really positive about this eye cream. However, the longer I used it, the more I realised it just wasn’t hydrating enough for my eyes. I noticed little to no difference when using it. There was definitely no difference to my wrinkles, which it claims to do. This is now the second eye cream from Innisfree that I’ve had this with, so I won’t be giving them a try with a third. Particularly given how their eye creams aren’t exactly cheap.

CosRX Overnight Nourishing Spa Mask

I remember reviewing this a long time ago. It was one of the first Korean Beauty products I purchased. I haven’t been using this every night, which is why it’s taken me so long to use up. I really like this. It’s moisturing without feeling heavy on my skin. This is great to use, particularly when I’ve exfoliated or been using acids. I would be tempted to repurchase this, particularly as they’ve now changed the packaging to a tube. Tubes are just way more hygienic. I hate dipping my fingers into a pot every day, even if they are clean. 

CosRX Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream

Speaking of heavy moisturisers that sit on your skin… I was really unsure about this when I first started using it. It was the heaviest cream I’d used in a while and I was worried that with my oily skin it was going to make my make up slide off, particularly in the hotter months. Now that I’ve finished this and moved onto to a different moisturiser I miss this so much. Using this I needed to use the blotting pads sometimes. However not using this, my make up has dried out by the end of the day and I look pretty awful.

Due to this consistency of this, this large jar doesn’t actually last that long. However, it’s really reasonably priced so I’ve got no issue repurchasing this (and probably will).

Cowshed Body Lotion

I don’t normally review travel sizes in my empties post, unless it’s really wowed me. And this has. I’ve not used much Cowshed products but I’m inclined to try more now. First, the smell of this is amazing. When it calls itself invigorating, it means it. Applying this on a morning I feel refreshed and ready to go. Even Ed commented on how nice it smells and he hates any kind of strong smells normally. This makes me think I need more ginger in my bodycare!

This isn’t particularly thick, and it sinks into the skin very nicely. It leaves my dry skin feel lovely and soft pretty much all day. The only disappointing thing about this was how long it lasted – only a couple of weeks. The full size is three times the size of this and £21. While I really like this, I’ll probably keen an eye out for it being on sale at some point in the future.

Have you tried anything here before? I’d love to know your thoughts!

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