New Hobonichi Kits from Lethbridge Cards

I took some time out of any new releases

Between the Ultimate Planner Sale and my holiday in France, it was time for some relaxing! I therefore had a little break in July and had a few weeks off from new releases in the shop.

But then I got my mojo back and have been beavering away on new Hobonichi kits ever since! Some are kits I’ve never done before, and others are new format kits!

Hobonichi Cousin

First up and some new kits for the Cousin! I already had simple weekly and monthly kits but I recently had an idea to try some slightly more decorative kits. I love use washi in my layouts, so decided to try a few kits that had washi strips in them.

First up, I released Fall Flowers and Coral Flower in a weekly kit format. 

I’ve kept the bulk of the kits the same, with lots of boxes and dots and habit trackers. I swapped out the hexagon meal planning and chore icons for some of the hand drawn designs from the shop. I also added some washi strips, to be used either for the top of the bottom of the page. The Fall Flowers is my favourite – I absolutely love these papers. The weekly spread I posted on Instagram using this kit got heaps of love. It might be my highest liked photo to date!

To go with these new kits I also released a range of date covers. The boxes are watercoloured by me, so have a nice texture design to them.

These aren’t made to match specific kits, though I will be looking into creating matching date covers for each of my kits.

In terms of monthly kits, I also reformatted the Cousin ones.

Again this is available in Fall Flowers (because I love it so much) and Nautical. I love how these kits turned out. I was able to add lots of decorative elements like the washi strip and the date covers, while still maintaining lots of boxes and dots for the month’s plans.

Hobonichi Weeks

I also gave the Weeks some love as part of this design drive I was on. I’m still trying to get the hang on planning in this, so I wanted to create a weekly kit for the first time to help. 

Again, these are available in Fall Flowers and Coral Flower. These kits have a date cover washi strip and two thin washi strips for sectioning off the planner. It also has lots of functional boxes, checklists, dots and habit trackers. Because I love these little stickers so much, I also added in some of the cutlery icons for meal planning.

I tried out the kit in an unused week and can already tell I’m going to much more productive with it.

To go with the new weekly kits, I also reformatted the monthly kits. Using the same thinking as with the Cousin kits, I added washi and date covers to these kits.

These kits are in the ranges Peachy Bees and Flowers. These are much larger than my previous Weeks monthly kits, but I love how they make the monthly view look! 

I’m definitely going to enjoy planning September in this!

Suggestions wanted!

So that’s this month’s batch of new releases! I hope you like them! I’m going to be building up the collections for each of the four kit types in the coming weeks. However, if there’s a particular kind or kit or sticker style you’re desperate for for your Hobonichi then drop a comment below or message me on Etsy and I’ll add it to my ‘to design’ list!