My First Note & Wish Purchase

So many times I’ve had goodies from Note & Wish sat in my Etsy cart

With the latest washi release, I could wait no longer! When two new bee themed washi tapes popped up on the Note & Wish Instagram, I knew I had to have them. Obviously I couldn’t just purchase those two rolls…

As a sucker for packaging, I love how all of this looks! The postcards and matching stickers are a really nice touch, too.

The washi

First up are the items that prompted the order – the bee washi.

How could I resist such cute washi? The watercoloured bee design is absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t wait to use it in my planner. The thinner role is a complementary watercolour roll. I like that I could purchase these two together as I sometimes struggle with finding washi in my collection that goes together.

I used this in my weekly Hobonichi spread last week and really like how it turned out.

I picked up one other set and a single roll as part of my order. 

This is a range of four washi tapes, each depicting a season. It also came with making stickers and a postcard. I’m not normally one for foiling, but I love it on this washi. It’s not too in your face and really enhances the design. Sadly it appears to be sold out now. Hopefully it’ll make a comeback as it’s beautiful. 

This last roll I just couldn’t not purchase. I’ve no idea when I’m going to use it (feeding the ducks days maybe?) but it’s just too cute!

All the pretty washi

It’s so nice to find a UK store designing their own washi tape. Aside from the geese tape, all of this was designed by the store. I love being able to purchase something different that I won’t find elsewhere.

The quality of the washi seems good, although I did have some issues with the bee washi when I used it the firs time. When I was unrolling it it kept ripping. I had to try quite a few times just to get a piece long enough to run along the bottom of my planner. I haven’t found that issue with any of the other rolls yet though, so I’m hoping it was just a one off.

My washi shipped quickly and arrived beautifully. Once again I’m a sucker for packaging but I love it when I receive orders where a little extra thought has gone into how it arrives. 

I really like this washi and will definitely be keeping an eye out for any future original releases!

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