Cupcake Birthday Card using glitter vinyl

I’ve expanded the shop into offering vinyl name decals.

I needed to create a birthday card recently and decided to dig out the vinyl to use.

Looking through my Silhouette library I found a cute cupcake and lovely ‘happy birthday’ to go with it.

I looked through my stash of paper pads and selected some nice simple geometric patterned sheets, and matching cardstock.

As usual, I planned out the card on Silhouette Studio.

I always plan out the card together and then separate out all the cuts according to what card and paper they’re going on.

With the paper pad at the back, and a textured white card in the middle I used the coloured cardstock on the sentiment and an outline of the cupcake.

Next I cut out the cupcake design on some glittery vinyl.

I originally made this design using a pink colourway for a particular person. However, I liked it so much I created it in three more colours.

I love how the light captures the glitter in the vinyl. It adds something a little extra to the card.

I used 3d sticky dots to attach the sentiment and cupcake, as I hate things looking flat on a card.

I may have to try adding vinyl again to a card at some point.

It needs to be backed by card because it’s so thin. But you can layer it on top and create some nice effects like the cupcake above.

If you like these cards they’re listed in the shop now!